Voice Calling
Concerned about rising phone bills? Switch from your traditional landline to the modern communication standard. Get Mweb’s voice calling solution allowing you to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues in a whole new way. Make and receive calls using your internet connection, across all networks, including international destinations.
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Easy self install

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Free calls to Mweb numbers

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To other Mweb Voice Calling numbers

To other Mweb Voice Calling numbers

Call forwarding

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View in online account

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Via online account

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Buy via online account

Looking for a stable internet connection to ensure crystal-clear voice calls?

International Calling Rates

Voice Calling priced from
Rate per minute

Australia (+61)
Canada (+1)
Germany (+49)
New Zealand (+64)
United Arab Emirates (+971)
United Kingdom (+44)
United States of America (+1)
Please Note: Prices may vary depending on network provider/prefix within the country. Full list available here.

Voice Calling FAQs

  • What is Voice Calling

    Voice over Internet Protocol is known as VoIP. It is a method of placing and receiving phone calls online in the absence of a landline.
  • How do I get started

  • Making calls

  • How to buy minutes

  • Number porting

Voice Calling: Clear communication made simple

Easy, affordable Voice Calling by Mweb. Enjoy free calls to Mweb numbers, easy self-install, and geographic number porting. Switch to the modern stand...