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  • What is Fibre?

    Fibre (also known as Fibre to the home or FTTH) links your home to the Internet via Fibre optic cables that use light impulses to carry data. These impulses bounce along thin glass Fibre tubes at the speed of light, which makes Fibre very fast and stable resulting in a more reliable, buffer-free, experience.

    The Fibre Infrastructure Provider (e.g., Vumatel, Openserve, etc.) will lay these Fibre-optic cables and do the trenching in your neighbourhood. They will be the team handling the installation of Fibre into your home, after you have ordered with an ISP.

    Mweb is an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We connect you to the internet and manage your connection after the physical installation has been completed by the Fibre Infrastructure Provider.
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