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What do I need to know? : Use your common sense

The Web is a wonderful place filled with endless opportunities. However, some of the characters and sites you may encounter will try to con or trick you. Here’s what to do and watch out for on the Internet.

  • Do not trust everything you read in an e-mail or on the Web.
  • Be careful of con artists who try and convince you to give them money.
  • Be wary of hoax e-mails that ask you to forward the e-mail in support of a non-existent cause, or to warn others of non-existent dangers.
  • Check any e-mails you receive before forwarding them by searching on Snopes.
  • Be wary when meeting people online, do not give someone you don’t know your telephone number or house address.
  • When you shop online, make sure the Web site displays contact details, in case you have any queries after the sale.

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