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About LTE

What is LTE?

LTE is a mobile broadband technology that uses radio spectrum to provide wireless Internet access.

What speeds will you get?

Users on the Huawei B618 device can expect speeds up to 50Mbps in ideal network and coverage conditions. Users on the Huawei B315 device can expect speeds up to 30 Mbps in ideal network conditions.

Speed is dependent on the location of the connecting router on the coverage map.

It also depends on how many people in the area are connected at the same time on the network and how many devices are being used in-home at the same time.

Why choose MWEB LTE products?

Simple and easy, self-installed in-home connectivity that’s affordable without any fixed line installation needed.

A connectivity solution for those who don’t have access to ADSL or Fibre to the home connectivity because of lack of infrastructure in the area in which they live.

No nasty month end bill surprises AND no out of bundle rates. The products are hard Capped which means that once you run out of data you’ll need to buy a booster product and won’t be charged out of bundle fees.

No long term contracts.

Ideal for...

Those who want to connect quickly without going through an installation process that is required for ADSL and Fibre to the home connectivity.

Those who live in an area where copper ADSL lines have been stolen, or are frequently stolen.

People who are renting and don't have permission to have fixed line ADSL or Fibre to the home connectivity installed.

Those who don’t want a voice landline with their ADSL connectivity, but still want fixed line connectivity.

Those who want to be able to put the router device anywhere in the house and not only at a fixed specific point.

What is a Booster?

MWEB LTE products are hard capped, which means that when you run out of data you need to purchase a Booster to continue browsing. You can do this via the My Account portal. Boosters are valid for 30 days from date of purchase.

There are a range of options to suit your needs:

1GB - R12.50
2GB - R25.00
3GB - R37.50
5GB - R62.50
10GB - R125.00
20GB - R250.00