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Manage ADSL Line numbers


Manage the secure ADSL lines your account is allowed to be used on

For security purposes MWEB uses a system which restricts our ADSL accounts from being used on ADSL lines that have not been registered by our customers. This is to prevent unauthorized users from using password attacks to gain access to your ADSL account and use up your data. We call this system DN Secure.


Step 1

To view and configure your DN Secure settings login to My Account, navigate to My Services and click on ADSL



Step 2

You will see various blocks of information showing information and some settings for your ADSL service. For now we are focusing on the ADSL Lines Allowed Block.


Step 3

If you click on the edit button you will be presented with a One-Time PIN challenge. Check your cell phone for the PIN and enter it when it arrives.


Step 4

After successfully entering your OTP you will be able to edit the list of ADSL line numbers. Remember you will only be able to use your ADSL account on lines that are on this list so please be careful when making changes.

If you require more than 2 numbers to be registered you can contact our Technical Support Contact Centre.

Step 5

You will receive a pop-up confirming that line details have been changed, You should also receive an sms confirming that your 'Secure DN' settings have been changed.

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