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Sending a Password Reminder


How to use One-Time PIN services to get a password reminder via SMS.

If you have registered for One-Time PIN services you can follow the instructions below to retrieve a forgotten password.


If you are not registered for One-Time PIN you will need to contact us first and ask to be registered and verified. Please ensure that your cell phone is with you and charge and that you are ready to answer the basic security validation questions.


If your account details on our system are not complete, or accurate our agents cannot safely validate you. In these cases you will have to submit the relevant documentation to complete the registration process.

Step 1

Got to myaccount and click on the Forgotten Password? link


Step 2

Type in the username, or email address you wish to retrieve the password for and click proceed.



Step 3

Check your cell phone: You should receive an smswith the One-Time PIN




Step 4

Enter the One_Time PIN and click verify. If the Pin is taking too long to arrive, or two to arrive you can try clicking Resend PIN




Step 5

You will receive a pop-up confirming that your password reminder was sent via SMS. Click Ok.



Step 6

Your password should arrive via SMS. To avoid confusion between numbers and letters we also spell the password out for you using the phonetic alphabet. Note how the words are in Caps for the capital letters in the password.



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