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My Account Basics


The basics of accessing and navigating your way around My Account

Using MWEB My Account

My Account is MWEB's customer self-service portal, where we give you access to all of the tools and information to manage your own products and services.


Step 1

Accessing My Account is easy. You'll find it as a direct link on the menu for our main site

Or you could just type directly into the address bar on your browser.


Step 2

Once you're on the site you can login using your primary username, or email address and password.


Step 3

Once you're signed in you'll see a menu with 3 tabs, where you can access My Services, My Admin and My Products.


My Services is where you'll find information and configuration options for the services you're currently subscribed to.

Checking your ADSL usage, managing your email accounts, VOIP numbers and AVG licenses are just some of the features you'll find in my services.


My Admin is where you'll manage your customer account settings, check your statements, update billing info, change passwords and manage features such as One-Time PIN services and Outage notifications


Finally My Products is where you can see all of the Products associated with your account and cancel, or restore previously cancelled products.

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