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Popular Self Service Articles

My Account Basics
The basics of accessing and navigating your way around My Account

Check your ADSL Usage
See how much ADSL data you're using

Accessing Zimbra Webmail
Message Centre is MWEB's web-based email client designed for users on the go who want to access their email anywhere from multiple computers.

One-Time PIN Services
Find out how MWEB's One-time PIN service helps to automate secure transactions such as booster purchases and password changes.

Sending a Password Reminder
How to use One-Time PIN services to get a password reminder via SMS.

Editing Block and Allow Lists
Edit your Block and Allow lists in My Account to permanently block spammers, or always allow mail from trusted senders.

Test your ADSL Line
       Step 1 Login to My Account, navigate to My Tools and click on ADSL Line Test  Step 2 Choose

Manage ADSL Line numbers
Manage the secure ADSL lines your account is allowed to be used on

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