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MWEB Fibre Speed Test


Speed tests are a great way to check the quality of your broadband connection, Remember to follow the test guidelines to make sure you get accurate, meaningful results.

Speed tests are a great rough guide to checking the quality of your broadband connection, however the results can deteriorate the further away you get from the test server.  This is why we have decided to give you your very own speed test servers right here on the MWEB network – both locally and all the way to our node in London!


For accurate Speed Test results please make sure of the following:

- Close all Background applications and Downloads

- If Possible Disconnect other devices from the network

- Test from a cabled device (high speed Fibre connections could easily be faster than the Wifi Speeds in your home)

- Make Sure you know what download and upload speeds your line should be getting.  


If you are not sure of your expected speeds refer to the Fibre Line Speeds Guide, or contact us for assistance.


If you are not satisfied with your test results and have gone through all of the above checks then contact us on 

087 700 0777 and we will assist with further troubleshooting. 

If you do give us a call keep your test results handy and take some screen shots if possible, they will help us with our investigation!

Below are the Speed test links for the following regions:



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