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Zyxel NBG-418n - Quick Setup Guide


Follow this guide to configure your Zyxel NBG-418n Router for your Fibre to the Home connection.


The Zyxel NBG-418n is a WAN only broadband router suitable for the needs of most busy Fibre households. It supports Fibre speeds of up to 100Mbps per second and features dual-band wireless 802.11 b/g/n














The Zyxel NBG-418n features an easy to use setup wizard, simply plug in the router and follow the instructions below and you'll be connected in no time.


Step 1

Connect up the cables at the back of your router according to this diagram.  The Ethernet cable from the Fibre ONT plugs into the dedicated WAN Port to the right of LAN 4. Plug the Laptop or desktop computer you are using to configure the router into any one of the other 4  Ethernet Ports marked LAN 1-4 and turn on the router and the computer. 

Step 2

Once everything is plugged in and turned on Open your web browser, enter in your address bar and click Go

Step 3

You will be prompted to login to the router's admin interface :

Use the credentials Username : admin, Password: 1234and click OK

Step 4

Changing the admin password for extra security is required on all Zyxel routers the first time you access them.  Enter a new admin password,confirm it and click Apply to continue.

We recommend writing this down and storing it somewhere safe or you will have to factory reset your  router to change any settings!

Step 5

Once you've applied the new admin password the splash page will appear. leave the language buttons alone (unless you speak Russian) and click on Go to Wizard setup

As soon as the connection Wizard welcome screen loads you can click Next

Step 6

Choose the type of WAN Connection you are setting up on the next screen:  

The majority of our Fibre users who have been given a username and password will choose PPPoE
Some Fibre users (currently only Vumatel based subscribers), will choose the second Option, Dynamic IP 

Once you have chosen the correct option Click Next

Step 7

If you chose PPPoE fill in your MWEB username and password on the following screen and click Next.

Step 8

Choose the wireless settings you want to use in your home.  The SSID is the name that will appear in the list on your devices when you search for a wireless network.  The pre-shared key is the password you will be prompted for - make sure it's nice and strong.  All of the other settings on this screen should be exactly as they appear below.  

Once you are happy with your wireless settings click Next

Step 9

That's it - you've reached the end of the wizard!  Click Apply to have your chosen settings configured on the router.

Once your settings are applied you will see the success screen below.  To exit the wizard click Finish

Now you can close the Router admin page and start surfing the Internet!

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