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A Step by Step Guide to Spam Blocking


an overview of how our mail platform protects you from unwanted mail while leaving you in control of the messages you want to receive.

Spam filling up your mailbox can be one of the most frustrating experiences ever and in today's world malicious emails trying to spread viruses and launch fraud and identity theft attacks are also an ever-present concern.

While no email system is perfect, part of our commitment to you as a service provider is to protect you from unwanted and harmful emails as much as possible, while still letting the emails you need to receive through.

In order to do that we've made a number of different options available to you that will help you to take control of what we're blocking and get access the messages you may not want us to have blocked at all.  

We realize that all of this choice can be a little overwhelming so here's a quick breakdown of all the hoops and email has to jump through before it can reach your inbox:

Level 1 Really Dangerous Email

Email sent from blacklisted servers with really bad reputation scores, or email that very definitely contains known viruses or malware.  These messages are too harmful to even place in quarantine on our servers and they will be discarded outright.


Level 2 Very Suspicious Email

These messages have made it past Level 1, but they have been given very high spam scores by our system and are almost certainly unwanted and may contain fraudulent, or malicious content.  

These messages are placed in a quarantine report and will be retained for a short period of time.  If you think we may have blocked a message in error and it hasn't arrive in your Junkmail folder you can follow this guide to access your quarantine report and retrieve a blocked message, but please proceed with caution!

Level 3 Low Scoring Junkmail

Mail that makes it past level 2, is much less likely to be harmful, but spam senders can be very ingenious and sometimes make it very hard for our systems to decide if a message is legitimate, or not.  If a message is triggering some of the alarms, but we aren't quite certain if it's spam it will get sent to your Junkmail folder.

Accessing your Junkmail folder is very easy.  you can:


Finally if all of this still doesn't give you enough flexibility you can also make use of the Block and Allow List features to identify a pesky spammer that we just don't seem to be able to block, or to add a trusted sender that you always want to receive email from - even if our system thinks the mail they're sending is a little 'spammy'.









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