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Changing your Junkmail Download Preferences


Change your email download preferences to have Junkmail delivered to your normal POP3 connected Inbox


Messages marked as low risk spam will go to your Junkmail folder, which you can access using the Zimbra Webmail Client, or by using an imap connection from your favourite email software.

However we know that some users prefer the more traditional method of simply downloading their email with a POP3 connection from their favorite email program.

if this is how you use your email account and you would prefer not to check your online Junkmail folder periodically to see what you might have missed you can change the preferences on your mailbox to leave the Junkmail in your Inbox.


Here's how:


Step 1

Log into the Zimbra webmail client using the email link on the MWEB Home page.  if you're not sure how, follow the instructions here.


Step 2

Select the preferences tab from the menu bar


Step 3

On the preferences menu choose Mail


Step 4

In the right hand pane scroll down the Heading Access from Other Mail Clients and tick the box next to Incoming Junk Messages.  We strongly recommend that you leave all of the other settings in this section at their defaults as they are only for advanced users and changing them may have very unexpected results.


Step 5

Click on the Save Button at the top to confirm your changes.  After that you can close down your browser and all of your Junkmail will be downloaded to your Inbox using your normal POP3 client.


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