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Test your ADSL Line









Step 1

Login to My Account, navigate to My Tools and click on ADSL Line Test


Step 2

Choose the ADSL service you wish to test from the drop-down list, make sure the directory number is the correct one for the line you are using if you have more than one service.

Once you have selected a service click on submit request.

Step 3

A pop-up-window will tell indicate that the test is being requested. The test requests are submitted to a queue on Telkom's systems so please give it some time to respond.



The pop-up will confirm that your test request has been submitted.


Step 4

You will see your test appear in the history list with a status. If it does not appear immediately you can try pressing the refresh button. When the test status changes to successful the results are ready to be viewed, which you can do by clicking anywhere on the line.

Your test results, will show you the speed your line is syncing at and the various readings showing the quality of the connection. You can hover over the info buttons next to each item for a tool tip explaining the meaning of that reading and the optimum values.







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