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AVG 15 Software Download Guide

  • Thank you for choosing MWEB AVG Internet Security. Enjoy peace of mind while you surf and search online. To get started with your Internet Security Solution, follow these easy steps. We recommend saving your work and closing all active programs before starting the installation process.

    Download the installation file for the AVG Internet Security Software
  • Save the downloaded file on your computer.
  • Click Run to start the installation process:


  • Select the language you want to use during the AVG installation process. 
  • The window contains a drop-down menu with all language options for the setup. 
  • The screen also contains the license agreement. 
  • The AVG license agreement is a legal document specifying the conditions of AVG software usage. 
  • Please ensure that you read and understand the agreement, before accepting and proceeding. 
  • Click ACCEPT to continue:



System state check:
The installation wizard will now check whether there are any incompatible applications on your computer. If such an application is detected, the installation wizard will inform you. We recommend uninstalling any detected incompatible software to prevent future problems with stability or computer performance. After doing so, please restart the AVG installation.

  • Express  Install: recommended choice for most users and will not prompt you for a detailed configuration.
  • Custom Install: allows you to select the components to install and change installation settings.

  • Once you've accepted the License Agreement, you'll need to select your installation option.
    Once you've made your selection, click Next to proceed:


The Components Selection of Customer Options provides an overview of all AVG Internet Security 2015 . If the default settings do no suit you, you can remove or add specific components. However, you can only select from the components that are included in your purchased AVG edition. Highlight any item in the Component Selection list, and a brief description of the respective component will be displayed on the right side of this section.



The installation process will now begin. Please wait while the files are being copied on the computer (the window may become non-responsive for a short period during the installation):



Once the installation is complete, an installation result window will appear. This window enables you to register the program (optional) to get up-to-date product information and news. Please note that this is optional and NOT compulsory.
You will be asked to restart the computer at this point. We strongly recommend restarting your computer as some parts of AVG will not be able to work correctly until this is done. Click Restart Now:





















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