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What's the deal with RICA?


What does RICA have to do with mobile data products, what do you need to RICA your mobile product?

All mobile data products require a SIM card, just like the one in your cell phone In terms of the RICA act whenever any SIM card, either a new or replacement, must be RICA registered before it can be activated.  The following information and supporting documents are required to RICA register a SIM card.


o MSISDN Number [0823776636] of the sim
o Valid SA ID or Passport
o Proof of Residence. (This MUST be a physical address and NOT a PO Box number.)
• If the SIM card is registered in a business name then the following additional documents are required: (Any one of the following documentation)
o Trust deed (in respect of Trusts)
o Letter of Authority issued by the Company / Master (in respect of Trusts)
o CK1 (in respect of Close Corporations)
o CK2 (in respect of Close Corporations)
o CM1 (for Companies) OR a SARS document
o Valid ID or Passport (of authorised person)
o Proof of Residence (of company/trust)

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