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Mobile Data Connection Types


What is Mobile Data? Mobile Data, also commonly referred to as 3G is the collection of technologies that make use of the cellular telephone networks


Primary differences between Mobile data and Fixed Line


The table below summarizes the major differences between Mobile Data and fixed line services:


Mobile Data

Fixed Line ADSL


Depends on Cellular Coverage

Depends on Telkom Exchange


Take Anywhere

Fixed at installed residence


Scales according to coverage from 170kbps (EDGE) up to 21mbps (HSDPA+) HDSPA speeds are also limited by device.

From 2-10mbps depending on exchange and cable length (20-40mbps VDSL at a handful of exchanges)

Data Packages

Low consumption capped packages, no real 'uncapped offering' in SA

High-end caps and uncapped products allowing hundreds of gigs per month.


Cost per GB and out of bundle rates relatively high, no packages suited to bulk downloading, or extensive video streaming, or online gaming.

Very cheap costs per GB and cheap uncapped. Suitable for bulk downloads, video streaming and serious gaming.


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