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Technicolor TG589 – Unboxing and Plugging In


A detailed guide to setting up the Technicolor Fon Router - aimed at less experienced users.

You've got the Internet!

So you've got the line installed, your MWEB username and password are ready, you've just received your brand new ADSL router and you can't wait to get online and start surfing. All you have to do now is rip open the box and get everything set up!

What's in the Box?


We'll be using MWEB's awesome Technicolor Router to demonstrate getting set up, but don't stress if you decided to go with a different device, we won't judge you and we've even provided some handy setup guides for other popular routers elsewhere on the site.

In the box you'll find :

TG589vn ADSL Router

Router Power Supply

Lan Cable

Telephone Cable

ADSL/VDSL Splitter


Now all you have to do is figure out what all this stuff does and plug it in.


Plugging In


  • Plug the ADSL Splitter into the phone jack
  • Plug the phone cable into the splitter and then into the back of your router
  • If you have a telephone plug it into the other port on the splitter
  • Plug the Lan Cable into one of the Ethernet ports on the router and into the Ethernet port on your PC
  • Plug the Power supply into your router and the nearest Wall Socket
  • Plug the Wifi Extender into a nearby socket as well. This is just to pair it with the router and get it going, you can move it to where you want it later!


    Turn on the router and your PC, if it isn't already on. 
       If your PC has previously connected to another router or network, you might need to check the network settings. 
       Make sure the network adapter on your PC has it's TCP/IP address set to 'obtain automatically'. 
       The router will now automatically connect to the Internet and configure itself with your MWEB username and password. Once this is done the router will also check to see if it has the latest version of the onboard software. If it doesn't it will upgrade itself automatically and then restart. 
      (you'll see the blue upgrade light come on if this happens). Once the router restarts again your Internet connection will be ready to use!

    First time online

    If you made it through the and everything went according to plan you should now be ready to surf.

    • Open up the web browser on your PC This is usually Internet Explorer, but it might also be Firefox or Chrome (or Safari if you have a Mac).
    • If this is your first time ever using your MWEB account you should get a page asking you to accept MWEB's terms and conditions. You will need to do this before you can proceed onto the Internet.
    • If for some reason something went wrong with the automatic setup you may also get another type of page coming up in your web browser. IF you just get an error saying the page cannot be displayed, or something along those lines it means that your Internet connection is not working properly. There could be a number of reasons for this and we suggest that
    • you proceed to ADSL troubleshooting steps, or contact the call centre for assistance.
    • If you get a page that looks like it was made by MWEB that means you are connected to the Internet, but something isn't setup correctly.. Here at MWEB we call these special pages 'landing pages' and we've set them up especially to try and let you know what went wrong with your connection and what to do next. Take a look here for examples of the different landing pages and what you should do if you get one.

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