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Capped, Uncapped, Premium and Standard


A quick guide to ADSL product definitions to help you choose the correct package.

 MWEB offers a range of Capped Products, which give you a fixed amount of data to consume each month. 

 These are suited to the very light users who just want to do a bit of social media and surfing, but most users these days prefer the freedom of an uncapped product. 

Uncapped products will never stop working, or charge you for extra data no matter how much you use in a month. It is important to know, however that uncapped products do have an acceptable usage policy on them and the service will slow down temporarily if you are using extreme amounts of data. 

MWEB offers a range of standard and premium uncapped products. 

 Standard products give you the full uncapped experience and are awesome value for money will the premium ones are more suited to heavy downloaders, or busy online families that consume large amounts of data. 

 If you're a real power user, or have more demanding business needs you can also check out our range of ADSL products specifically suited to Business customers 


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