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Fibre Speed and Performance - Uncapped Usage Thresholds


Our Uncapped Fibre Products offer amazing speed and value for money, however we do need to keep a few rules in place to keep things running smoothly. Read on to find out how our acceptable usage policy is applied to Uncapped Fibre.

Whether you're coming from one of our ADSL products our you're a brand new MWEB subscriber you're probably not unfamiliar with the concept of throttling on Uncapped services.

Customers who choose an uncapped service generally do so for the convenience of not having to worry about cap sizes and buying boosters.  Even on an Uncapped service though we need to impose some reasonable limitations and what's proven to be the most reliable way to do this is called throttling.  What this means, quite simply, is that we will never cut off anyone's access to the Internet (so a true Uncapped experience), but when they reach a certain usage threshold we will temporarily reduce their speed.

Just how temporary?  That's entirely up to you.  Unlike some providers that will place customers on a reduced speed for the remainder of the month, MWEB uses what we call a 30 day rolling window to measure usage thresholds.  This means that we look at your average daily usage over the last 30 days to determine your status.  If you find yourself in a throttled state, simply reducing your usage for a couple of days is usually all it takes to get back to full speed!

The precise rules of how throttling is applied are listed below - this will be very familiar to customers coming from one of our Uncapped ADSL Products.

If that all sounds very complicated and you're wondering how you're supposed to keep track of 30 day windows and daily averages, simply log on to our self service portal and the first thing you'll see is a detailed usage graph with all the data you need.


The other thing that you need to know is what your own usage threshold and throttled speed would be.  To get the answer simply find your Fibre Provider and appropriate line speed on the tables below.













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