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Technicolor TG588v - Quick Setup Guide


Follow this Guide to configure your TG588v for your Fibre to the Home or ADSL Connection

The Technicolor T588v is MWEB's multipurpose entry-level broadband router. It is usable for both Fibre to the Home and ADSL services and depending on your contract choice and promotional offers you may have received one of these for free with your subscription.






The TG588v supports auto-provisioning, which means for our ADSL users you should simply have to plug-in the router and turn it on.

If you do need to configure the router manually follow the instructions below on how to use the easy setup wizard and you'll be up and running in no time.


Step 1

Connect up the cables at the back of your router according to this diagram.  ADSL users will plug the phone cable into the port labelled DSL .  Fibre users will plug the Ethernet cable from the ONT into the LAN Port 4, which has been re-assigned as the special Ethernet WAN port on this model. Plug the Laptop or desktop computer you are using to configure the router into any one of the other 3 LAN ports and turn on the router and the computer.


Step 2

Once everything is plugged in and turned on Open your web browser, enter in your address bar and click Go

Step 3

You will be prompted to login to the router's admin interface :

Use the credentials Username : admin, Password: admin and click OK

This should take you the the main router interface screen

Step 4

Select Media Access Gateway from the left hand menu to launch the MWEB Setup Wizard built into the router.  Click Next

Step 5

Choose the type of Connection you are setting up on the next screen:  

ADSL users and the majority of our Fibre users who have been given a username and password will choose 1. Routed PPP.
Some Fibre users (currently only Vumatel based subscribers), will choose 2. Routed IPOE.  
Choose the option that matches your connection and Click Next


The next steps will differ slightly depending on if you chose PPP, or IPOE as the connection type:

Step 6 

If you chose Option 1, PPP Routed Connection, you will now be prompted for the login details you were provided.
If you choose Option 2,  IPOE Router Connection,this screen will be skipped.  Fill in your login details and click Next.

Step 7

When prompted you can change the admin password of the router interface for enhanced security.  if you do change it remember to write it down in a safe place, or you won't be able to get back into your router later.  If you do lose this password you will have to factory reset your router and set it up from scratch.  If you like you can just re-enter admin and admin as the username and password.  when you are done click Next.

Step 8

when the wizard has gathered all of the information it needs you will see the following screen:

The Device configuration summary will either say Routed PPP, or Routed IPOE depending on what you chose.  Click Next

Step 9

Wait for the wizard to Complete the Configuration....

Once the configuration is complete Click Finish.

Your TG588v should now be fully configured and connected to the Internet.

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