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Why does my ADSL connection keep dropping?


it can be very frustrating if your ADSL connection drops frequently.  It's normal for the connection to drop once in a while, but if it's happening consistently several times a day it probably indicates that you have some type of problem with the service.

We highly recommend that you start by reviewing the quick troubleshooting guide and determine the source of the problem using the front lights on your router.  You should also check these tips on dropped connections in the advanced troubleshooting section.

If the line keeps losing sync it's most likely a line fault, or an exchange problem of some type.  

A dropped Internet connection, could mean data transfer errors (also line) a faulty router, or problems with local cables and microfilters.


if your connection drops every time your telephone rings you need to make sure your POTTS microfilter(s) are correctly installed and working. :)

If the connection is dropping because your router is rebooting, or losing power then it's most likely a router fault of some type or a power problem.  Make sure you use the correct AC adapter that shipped with your router as differing power requirements can cause routers to behave erratically.




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