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How to Retrieve a Quarantined Email


The quarantine report allows you to see the high risk spam that we blocked recently and release messages you may want to receive.


When we flag messages as low risk spam they go to your junkmail folder, where you can still access them.  When we flag messages as high risk spam they go to your quarantine report and remain there for a short period of time.

You can request a report from Myaccount of any recently quarantined emails and retrieve them using the release link in the report.

Please remember to be very suspicious of any messages in the report and only release them if you're very sure we blocked it by mistake.

The quarantine report will not contain blocked viruses and malware if they were detected by our system but remember brand new viruses aren't always detected and there are many other types of harmful email we will attempt to keep out of your inbox.

To Access your quarantine report:

>Step 1

Log in to MyAccount and click on the Email Icon


Step 2

Open the Qurantined Mail Slider


Step 3

Click on the Send Report Button.  the green success message will notify if a report was sent, or not.  We will only send you a report if you have any recently quarantined emails.


Step 4

Wait for the report to be delivered to your email inbox.  If the mail system is busy it could take up to an hour to generate and deliver the report so please be patient.  The email will look something like this:


Step 5

Open the Quarantine report and carefully review the blocked messages.  click ont he release link for any message you are 100% sure you would like to retrieve.  That message will be delivered to your email inbox normally.


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