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Editing Block and Allow Lists


Edit your Block and Allow lists in My Account to permanently block spammers, or always allow mail from trusted senders.


Before you begin with this please remember that our email servers process millions of messages per day.  Please read the many other ways you can manage spam and try to keep your manual block lists as short as possible - they make our servers work harder.

Also when you add new entries to your lists they have to be spread to every server on the system so please give them up to an hour to become effective.


Step 1

Log in to MyAccount and click on the Email Icon


Step 2

Open the Junkmail Slider


Step 3

Choose to edit your block, or Allow list.  We strongly advise against making use of the disable Junkmail filtering option.


Step 4

You can add a single email address to your blocklist


Step 5

Or you could add an entire domain. Just remember if you block domains such as popular online email providers no-one on that domain will be able to contact you!


Step 6

If you change your mind you can click the red 'X' next to an entry to remove it from your list


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