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Technicolor TG589 - 3G Failover Setup Guide


The FON enabled router includes a USB port for 3G failover. This is great for those times when your ADSL line has a problem and you desperately need to get online. This guide shows you just how easy it is to set up.

What do I need?

To start using 2G / 3G as a failover connection on the Technicolor Router you will need: 

 A 3G USB adapter (not all adapters will be compatible so you will need to test this). We currently only support 3G failover using the Cell C MF190 USB adapter

A registered SIM card


Quick Setup Process

Power off the TG589vn v3 (if you do not the 3G adapter will not be detected) 

Insert your SIM card into the 3G USB adapter. 

Plug the 3G USB adapter in (one of) the USB port(s) of your TG589vn v3:















Power on the TG589vn v3. 

Now your mobile connection is up and ready to use. 

If you need to remove your 3G USB adapter, make sure the TG589vn v3 is powered off first.

How Does Failover Work?

The router will automatically enable your 3G backup connection when both of the following conditions are met: 

The main Internet connection has been unavailable for at least 60 seconds. 

The TG589vn v3 received a request to access the Internet (for example, when browsing to an Internet web site). 


The router will automatically disable the 3G connection in either of the following cases: 

The main Internet connection is available again. In this case the TG589vn v3 switches back to the main Internet connection. 

No Internet traffic has been detected during the last 10 seconds. For example, you finished surfing the Internet. 


In case you run into any difficulties with the quick setup process you can take a look at the manual configuration settings on the router:

Manual APN Configuration

Open your web browser 

Browse to http://myrouter.home or to the IP address of your TG589vn v3 (by default: 

The Homescreen appears 

Select the "3G-Internet" link













The "Overview" page appears













Select "Configure"

The "Configure" page appears


Select "Expert Configure"

"Expert Configure" page appears


Ensure that your settings reflects the configuration above

APN:                 mweb 

 Username:     mweb

Password:      mweb

Background Color:
Background Pattern: