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MWEB ADSL Speed Test


Use the MWEB Speed Test to check the quality of your ADSL connection.

Speed tests are a great rough guide to checking the quality of your broadband connection, however the results can deteriorate the further away you get from the test server.  This is why we have decided to give you your very own speed test servers right here on the MWEB network – both locally and all the way to our node in London!

To ensure that you get accurate results always check that you have stopped all downloads and closed all other applications that might be using bandwidth and that there are no other active computers on your local network. The download and upload test results you get should correspond more or less with the speed of your ADSL line (as tabled below).

Please bear in mind that the results will almost always be lower than your actual line speed. This is due to low level network activity and variations in line quality.

ADSL Line Speeds

2Mbps Up to 2Mbps 512Kbps
4Mbps Up to 4Mbps 512Kbps
6Mbps Up to 6Mbps 1024Kbps
10Mbps Up to 10Mbps 1024Kbps
20Mbps Up to 20Mbps 5120Kbps
40Mbps Up to 40Mbps 10240Kbps

Kbps = Kilobits per second / Mbps = Megabits per second

If you are not getting these speeds there could be various factors affecting this, including your actual Telkom ADSL line.

Contact us on 087 700 0777 and we can investigate this for you further. If you do give us a call keep your speed test results handy, they will help us with our investigation!

Below are the Speed test links for the following regions:


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