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ADSL Connectivity Problems Part 2 : No PPPoE Session


Part 2 in this series of troubleshooting articles - find out what to do if your ADSL account isn't connecting.


Sometimes you'll find that your ADSL line is still synchronized, but your MWEB ADSL account won't login. We sometimes refer to this as having 'No PPPoE session' (For the geeks the way ADSL accounts login is using a special 'Point to Point over Ethernet' connection, which is why it's called a PPPoE session.). The solutions for this can be similar to the No Line Sync Fault and it could also very well be an outage. Sometimes network outages further up the line on Telkom's network prevent you from logging in even though the link between your home and the exchange is fine.

Anatomy of an ADSL login name

Username "1235476"

+ "@"

+ Domain ""



MWEB makes use of a special technology that we like to call landing pages to pass important information to our customers about the status of their connection. Because of this as long as you are trying to log in with the domain part of your username as something that belongs to MWEB we will allow you on to the network – even if the username and password are wrong! When this happens and you open your web browser you will find that you've blocked off into a special part of the network that only allows you to see the 'landing page' telling you what's wrong.




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