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Billion 7401 VGP Router Setup Guide


Follow this guide to configure ADSL on your Billion 7401VGP



Step 1

A security box will appear where you'll need to insert a username and password. Click OK

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin


Step 2

A status window will appear


Step 3

Click on Quick Start to configure your router with your Internet login details

Step 4

It's important to note that with Telkom in the process of upgrading their ADSL netwoprk, MWEB customers with Billion 7401 routers are advised to reconfigure their routers to avoid any potential line sync problems. Doing this will also give you a mores ecure Internet connection.

  • Click on Configuration
  • Click on WAN
  • Click on ADSL

In the main window under 'Connect Mode' select ADSL2+ auto-fallback from the dropdown list and click Save Config


Step 5

A separate window will open where you'll be prompted to save your configuration settings. Click Apply and Save Config

Your router is now configured and should be ready to use.




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