Advanced Troubleshooting

If you're a more serious techie and you're looking for the pro tips on troubleshooting ADSL problems then read on. The guides and tips you're about to read are adapted from the material we use to train up our own staff – we think they're pretty good  :)

The first thing we do is to split our ADSL problems into one of two main categories, namely : Connectivity, or Speed and Performance.

Below you will find comprehensive guides and troubleshooting tips answering just about every possible question we could think of around ADSL services - really if you can find a question we don't have an answer for we'd love to hear it :)


ADSL Connectivity Problems Part 1 : No Line Sync
These are some of the things you can try if your ADSL Line isn't syncing.

ADSL Connectivity Problems Part 2 : No PPPoE Session
Part 2 in this series of troubleshooting articles - find out what to do if your ADSL account isn't connecting.

ADSL Connectivity Problems Part 3 : Connected but no Data
What to do if everything looks like it's connected, but you can't send or receive any data.

ADSL Connectivity Problems Part 4 : Connection Dropping
Part 4 of this Guide shows you all the possible reasons for dropped connections and how to handle them


ADSL Speed and Performance Part 1 : Physical Limits
Let's get physical Right at the outset there are physical factors that can affect the performance of your ADSL service.

ADSL Speed and Performance Part 2 : Contention and Congestion
What is a contended service? What does it mean if you say my ADSL exchange is congested and what can I do about it?

ADSL Speed and Performance Part 3 : Traffic and Shaping
Everything you need to understand about traffic shaping and optimization and how usage thresholds affect you.

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