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Corsair StarCraft II Battleground Tournament Winners and Wrap-Up

This past Saturday saw the finals of the Corsair Starcraft 2 Battlegrounds tournament; the culmination of the top eight players from the ladder component squaring off against one another in a single-elimination event. The defenders of the Koprulu Sector fought hard the ultimate champion was selected in purifying burst of plasma fire! 


As in the ladder component of the tournament, the game structure was going to be decided in a series of best-of-three matches, played along the maps as decided by the most recent StarCraft II  League maps, those being: 
  •  Akilon Wastes 
  •  Bel'Shir Vestige LE 
  •  Derelict Watcher TE 
  •  Polar Night LE 
  •  Yeonsu LE   

The finalists to take part in the tournament were, selected for their outstanding performance in the ladder: 

  •  Luke 
  •  TheMan 
  •  OCL 
  •  Vn Red 
  •  PandaTank 
  •  WRG PluTo 
  •  Vn Static 
  •  Gusts_ZA 

 Quarter-Finals of the StarCraft II Battlegrounds 

Our first game streamed was Vn Red as Protoss squaring off against TheMan as Terran with some very interesting tactics to be seen; aggressive proxy-pylon-ing and choking of resource-gathering made expansion difficult for TheMan which ultimate saw him defeated in a nail-biting quarter-finals match, which would see Vn Red square off against thbl in the semi-finals. 


Semi-Finals of the StarCraft II Battlegrounds 

For the semi-finals match, we streamed StatiC taking on PandaTank in what was a very interesting pair of semi-finals matches. Both PandaTank and StatiC played Protoss; ultimately the games turned into a climactic series of back-and-forths. Resource management with denying opponents’ access to resources became a key feature of both matches; effective blocking tactics on ramps by PandaTank led to StatiC’s eventual 2-0 defeat, but not before giving Pandatank a serious run for his money with some early Stalker antics. The second game could have been an incredible win for StatiC with some very aggressive warp gate placements that may have won out, if PandaTank hadn’t discovered their placement early in the game, allowing him to effectively counter and defeat StatiC with a superb riposte. This saw PandaTank make it all the way through to the finals.


Finals of the StarCraft II Battlegrounds tournament 

Vn Red had managed to defeat his opponents all the way through thus far to square off against PandaTank. The finals took on a best-of-five format which saw some very aggressive moves being pulled by Red – forward stargates, proxy pylons everywhere, but ultimately overextending his reach with supply lines open to interception and resource-gathering being ignored at the cost of pushing forward. Red’s game-play had much bravado – some would call it downright ballsy – but good detection and interception by PandaTank won out, giving Pandatank a final score of 3-0, crowning him the champion of the Corsair Starcraft II Battlegrounds tournament and earning him the unofficial title, “Defender of the Koprulu Sector”! 

Third-place playoffs between StatiC and thbl resulted in the first Zerg game played, with some interesting resource-hogging resulting in a great match being played, with repeated attacks and ripostes on both sides, but ultimately StatiC taking third place with a 2-0 win!

Closing Thoughts

This was a great series of games to host and spectate, and we’d definitely like to see more events like this being partaken in by all attendees in upcoming future events! A great thanks to sponsors headline sponsors Corsair, in association with Rectron, Rebel Tech cc and Toasted Edge for making this a great success! 


toasted edge.jpg

 Full in-game replays of every match in the finals will be available here, and watch for the Youtube replays to be posted soon! 

 Hope to see you on the other side of the warp gate soon! 


That warp-gate, maybe another, or maybe the next after that...

We want to hear from You!

While this isn't our first rodeo, this was the first in a new arena. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve future tournaments and events of this type, please let us know and we'll gladly attempt to incorporate those suggestions into the next one!

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