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Anne Frank: a game about a day in the life of a Holocaust victim

A German-based game designer by the name of Kira Resari is in the process of creating an interactive videogame that will allow its players to relive a day in the young life of Holocaust diarist, Anne Frank.


Anne Frank and her family; her father Otto, mother Edith and sister Margot; along with four others, went into hiding in a set of secret rooms above in Otto’s company business after Margot was informed that she was required to report for duty at a Nazi labour camp.


Entitled simply “Anne Frank”, the game’s storyline revolves around the day in October 1942 that teenager Anne wrote a diary entry about her fears that a worker was about to discover the family’s hiding place in Amsterdam.


Anne Frank is designed by 25-year-old Kira Resari, who said that the game is not intended to be “fun”:

“It’s more like you get carried away, touched, and perhaps moved to tears.”


Anne led a very complex life, where aside from the constant fear of discovery, there were also the everyday pressures of being a normal adolescent girl to deal with; as well the difficulties involved in living with 7 other people in confined quarters – being unable to leave and go outside for even a minute. The interactive experience of a day in the life of one of the most iconic figures from the Holocaust will hopefully provide a sensitive portrayal of what it was like to live in such terrible times.

Resari said that he designed the game because “Younger generations need access to history on their own wavelength.” I do feel that this game, if presented in the correct fashion, has the potential to educate many children both factually and empathetically about what it was like to live during the Nazi occupation of Germany.

The designer said:

 “I want to make a contribution toward ensuring that she is never forgotten.”

And truly, Anne; who died of typhus in a Nazi concentration camp in 1945 after; does not deserve to be. The people of today should know about the horror that was the Holocaust. “Never forget” is a phrase associated with those abhorrent times. Indeed, Elie Wiesel, a Jewish-America professor and political activist said

 “For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.”

 Anne Frank will hopefully provide us; and many young people, with a relatable way to do just that.

Details of the release date and platforms have not been released.

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