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Win a Golden Ticket to the Clash of the Titles Launch Event - UPDATED


MWEB GameZone is giving you the opportunity to win a golden ticket to our next launch event: The Clash of the Titles. This time around we doing it slightly differently with a combined launch of two of the world's most anticipated gaming titles! That’s right, one launch, two titles. On Friday 08th November 2013 come witness the clash of Battlefield 4 vs Call of Duty Ghosts, as gamers battle it out at MWEB’s M-Cave for glory and bragging rights! 

Get ready to settle the score once and for all, as we give participants the chance to dominate the playing field and prove the stronger gamers of the respective titles.  COD players will play against BF players;  With more weapons of destruction now available, you are definitely in for an evening of magnificent chaos! 

So come get in on the action! We have awesome prizes up for grabs and of course tasty eats and drinks to keep any gaming grumbles at bay! As we are going to set up fans of the respective titles against each other for some fun head to head gaming, you need to choose your title and state your allegiance...


This is how you gain access to this exclusive Launch Event:

Twitter Users

1.) Follow @MWEBGMZ

Call of Duty Ghosts Fans:

2.) Tweet: "I hope to fight for Team #Ghosts at the #MWEBClashofTitles launch with @MWEBGMZ on 08/11/13!”


Battlefield 4 fans:

2.) Tweet: "I hope to fight for Team #BF4 at the #MWEBClashofTitles launch with @MWEBGMZ on 08/11/13!

3.) Register on our forums and reply to the forum post on the MWEB GameZone Forum saying Mission Complete! >> 

4.) Include these details:

  • Full Name
  • Twitter Handle or link to twitter profile.
  • Age
  • Gamertag / Username
  • Platform: PC / XBOX / PS3 
  • Battlefield 4 or COD Ghosts? (You MUST choose one to be eligible for the draw)

 Facebook Users

1.) LIKE MWEB Gamezone:

2.) Tag yourself in one of the Clash of the Titles pictures in the GameZone Facebook Album

3.) Register and reply to the forum post  saying Mission Complete!

4.) Include these details:

  • Full Name
  • Link to your Facebook profile
  • Age
  • Gamertag / Username
  • Platform: PC / XBOX / PS3
  • Battlefield 4 or COD Ghosts? (You MUST choose one to be eligible for the draw)

Out of the full entries received (all Twitter / Facebook steps included); we will select 16 console and 16 PC gamers to attend the event. Entries must be in by 10AM on 4 November. Winners will be notified here and on the forum by 5PM on 4 November 2013. Time is short, so get going….

Terms and conditions

  • You need to be in Cape Town on the 8th of November 2013
  • You need to be over 18 to attend this event.
  • Alcohol on the premises will not be allowed.
  • You may not enter on behalf of someone else
  • Tickets are not transferable, so if you cannot make the event and you cancel, the ticket winner will be redrawn
  • Access to the event will be on an invite only basis. If you are not on the list, you will not get in it. 
  • You will be required to sign an indemnity on entering the event.
  • The event is on corporate premises, so no computer hardware including flash drives, portable hard drives, laptops and similar devices will be allowed on the premises without prior permission.
  • Space is limited and the number of PCs will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis at the event.
  • Regrettably no guests will be allowed to accompany the winner.
  • If you have not done the prior steps (for Facebook or Twitter) to posting on the forum, your entry will be disqualified.
  • Members of the press will be present at the event, so we ask that you please conduct yourself in a proper manner.
  • One entry per person.

Congratulations to the following squads who have been selected to represent their respective title and platform including 5 specially selected reinforcements.
You will be receiving your mission briefing via a PM on the forums shortly.

For those who have not made the list, please don't give up all hope, it is not done and dusted as yet. There shall be a few more "back-up" spots being made available in the next few days so please continue to watch this space.

The squads in all their glory as follows:

Representing Battlefield 4 are:


Richard Scott
Ryno Warwick
Jason Bridges
Kent Jansen
Anthony Nell
Sebastian Stroud
Henri Himschoot
Callan Stroud


Ashley Askew
Steve Mey
Theuns Louw
Thys de Bruyn
Michael Kalogeropoulos
Andre-Ivor Wills
Charl Theron
Bryce Gething

Representing Call of Duty: Ghosts are:


Clint Smith
Muhammad Faraaz Sulaiman
Andrew Harris
Rory Burmeister
Brandon De Pontes
Nick Bester
Jody Williams
Graham van den Heever


Nashief hendricks
Brendan McNeil-Spence
Calden Bartlett
Marc Bester
James Wernich
Dylan Rosser
Astrid Lochner
Roger Adamson

Special Forces Reinforcements

Michelle Hercules
Kim Jacobs
Robin Valencia Arendse
Alfred Bailey
Zuanda Warwick

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