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The MWEB GameZone FIFA 14 Launch Party


Friday saw the launch of Electronic Arts’ football sports title, FIFA 14. To celebrate the occasion with its local gamers, MWEB GameZone hosted a launch event at the MCave in Cape Town, and inviting some celebrity guests, DJ’s and 30 lucky Golden ticket winners.


Before the event, I got to ask MWEB’s Gaming Manager Desmond Kurz a few questions about setting up such an event, and a bit more on the sponsors, prizes and giveaways. As is customary with the MWEB events, each invitee received a goodie bag with some of the following items:


Far Cry 3 + Expansion download voucher (PC); Limited Edition FIFA 14 T-Shirt; A copy of Red Bulletin Magazine; A Dell mousepad; A bunch of epic ROCCAT & Speedlink gaming gear and gadgets from Blue Catz Marketing; And MWEB Goodies.


Here is the Q & A from my sit down with Des:

How long does it take to plan an event like this?

We start planning a launch event at least a month and a half before the release date of the game. There is a lot of work that goes into co-ordinating all of this – getting the media invites out, creating invites and banners, running the Golden Ticket competition, organising sponsors and deliveries, and so much more.


Who are the people behind the scenes helping with making this event come alive?

The MWEB GameZone team, Reinhard Rheeder-Kleist, Brad Kirby; MWEB PR Cindy Nagel (who always lends a helping hand at our events); The MWEB Portal Creative Team for banging out all the creative concepts, including the sexy invites; Greater Than PR’s Candice Burgess (For staying on the media’s case); EA’s Ralph Spinks for co-ordinating EA’s side of the event; and Zombiegamer’s Clint O’Shea and some members of his team.

Why did you decide to do a launch for FIFA 14?

We do as many of these events as we can for our gamers as they are all important to MWEB. With FIFA 14 being one of the biggest titles of the year, we didn't want to disappoint and not have a party to celebrate its launch.

Who are your sponsors for this event?

Rectron for providing us with 70 games, Blue Catz marketing/Roccat/Speedlink for also providing a MASSIVE amount of ROCCAT and Speedlink gaming gear and gadgets; Dell for providing us with a 23” inch monitor for our lucky draw and 70 mouse pads; Comet Computing/Mad Catz for the 2 x MLG controllers and the 2 x Gunnar Glasses; Red Bull for providing the 70 Red Bulletin magazines and the for the lovely Wing girls providing Red Bull energy drinks for the evening; Microsoft South Africa for the 5 x 2100 MS Points; Electronic Arts South Africa for the 70 Limited Edition T-Shirts; and Zombiegamer for sponsoring 6 of the 23”inch monitors for the event.


What prizes are on offer for the ‘Challenge the Pro’ mini-tournament?

Speedlink and ROCCAT gaming gear, Mad Catz MLG Xbox Controller; Mad Catz MLG PS3 Controller; 2 x Gunnar Optic Gaming Glasses; 5 x Bundles of 2100 MS Points; Various Games and MWEB GameZone shirts.

Who are your celebrity guests for the evening?

GoodHope FM’s Carl Wastie and Tammy B.We are also playing host to the TV Crew from ETV and Stargist on DSTV, the team from the Weekend Argus, The Good Weekend and Popular Mechanics.


Who are the two gaming Pro’s that you have invited?

Morne Roman who is the current holder of Western Province colours for FIFA, and Yazeed Dollie, the current Cape Town Regional colours holder who was victorious at our North vs South inter-regional earlier this year.

Any special shout-outs?

Special thanks must go to Francios from Rectron, Lean from Comet computing, Christine and Ben from Blue Catz marketing, Angus and Andrew from Red Bull, Gerald from Dell who is our account manager, our Pro’s Morne and Yazeed and all the sponsors for the lovely prizes. Also to our celebrity guests, and DJ crew from whatisfiction for making the event a party vibe.


The event, in my opinion, was a huge success. The setup looked fantastic, the DJ’s truly did add a party flavour to the event, and the food was tasty. But what about the reason we were all there? What about FIFA 14? I asked the two Pro’s about what changes stood out for them, and what they thought of the game, here is what they had to say:

What was the biggest change from FIFA 13 to FIFA 14 for you?

(Morne) The sprinting feature is a big change for me. In FIFA 13 if the player sprinted, the ball was always at your feet but with the new game the player kicks the ball forward which means there is a greater chance of losing the ball to the opposing team.

(Yazeed) For me the biggest change is the Finesse shot, and that now it is a little easier and a bit more dynamic, and I think it will get players to use it a lot more, so expect to see some exciting new goals.

What do you guys think of the new design and gameplay for the goalkeeper? I have found that he now expels his body outward and attacks the ball better, what about you?

(Morne) I agree, because I have found that while playing this evening I haven’t conceded as many goals and in fact some games have ended in nil-nil draws and this is because of the goalkeeper and AI.

(Yazeed) I have found the goalkeepers positioning to be much better which has made scoring more difficult.



I must say that it is immediately apparent that this is a very different title from FIFA 13. The design and layout of the menu system, the focus on FIFA Ultimate Team being a more dynamic and interactive game play. What better way to bring such a huge game to the gamers than with a MWEB GameZone launch. I was at the FIFA 13 launch last year and I thought it was really good, but this time round I believe the GameZone team really went the extra mile, with some unique changes, and really great prizes from their sponsors. Well Done guys, I look forward to seeing what the next event will have in store for your deserved gamers.

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