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Obsidian discloses (failed) KOTOR 3 pre-production details

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Most fans of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games will know that there was a third game planned for the franchise, but that it was canned in favour of the so-so Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. However, in a recent podcast with Eurogamer, Obsidian Entertainment's Chris Avellone has disclosed that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 was actually in pre-production with the studio. Avellone revealed a number of story elements intended for the game, chief among them, the fate of KOTOR 1's Darth Revan, who disappeared at the first game's conclusion.

“I always liked the idea that Revan, as smart and powerful as your player-character was, was actually even more of a brilliant strategist than became apparent in the first game,” Avellone said in the podcast. “The entire second game is littered with clues as to ‘why didn’t Revan destroy the infrastructure here? What was he trying to make sure was still intact? What did he/she see that no one else saw? I thought that was giving a nice nod to ‘wait a minute, Revan realises there’s an even larger force at work here, and he’s focusing his efforts on that and keeping the big picture in mind’. That was one thing – the idea that there was a larger, global conspiracy.”

According to Avellone, Revan's war on the Old Republic was one of unification, designed to prepare the galaxy for a much larger threat, a turn of events that would fall in line nicely with a number of fan theories.

“The idea was that even before the ‘modern day’ Sith came into being in The Old Republic there were even more distant Sith Lords that were considered the true Sith, and the idea that they were still lurking out there in the galaxy waiting for a chance to strike, kind of like the Shadows in Babylon 5, I thought would be a cool finale for that Old Republic trilogy."

The third game would have put players again in the shoes of the the Exile (the main character of KOTOR 2), who would have attempted to track Revan down. Avellone didn't confirm whether the two characters would actually meet.

The proposed game would have seen the return of the Ebon Hawk spaceship, plus that of companion characters T3-M4 and fan favourite HK-47. Yet, in spite of Obsidian's best efforts and the phenomenal success of the first two games, the studio couldn't get LucasArts to sign off on the idea.

“Ultimately, it felt like we were pitching and pitching and it just wasn’t going anywhere, and at some point people just drew a line and said ‘it’s just not going to happen’, which made us kind of sad, but, OK, if that’s the business, that’s the business.”

The full podcast give additional info about the creation and release of KOTOR 2 which should be of major interest to Star Wars fan, generally, and KOTOR fans, especially. Check it out here.

With that said, I'm sure this little video pretty much sums up how we all feel about these revelations.


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