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MWEB GameZone presents: The Black Ops 2 Super 8 Showdown

The time has finally come for Black Ops 2 soldiers to bare arms and return to the battlefield! The Black Ops 2 Super 8 Showdown will test team communication, teamwork as well as pure skill. Do you have what it takes to come out on top as South Africa's best Black Ops 2 team for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360?


The Black Ops 2 Super 8 Showdown tournament will pitch the top 32 teams, on each respective console, and put them into the most unforgiving battle to date. The tournaments format will be single elimination, which means that only winners will progress through to the next round, resulting in only one undefeated champion. 

The 32 teams that qualify for the tournament will be drawn from 3 different sources on the Xbox 360 and only two sources of the PlayStation 3. These qualification elements are derived from the Super 8, Gamers in Beta and the Super 8 Ladder Qualifier

Super 8 Qualifier

The Super 8 tournament that was run earlier this year saw 8 of the best teams drawn from the ladder segment of the competition, (over 50 teams competed). The Top 8 teams from this ladder (aka the Super 8) will be the first teams that pre-qualify for the Black Ops 2 Super 8 Showdown. These squads will be seeded into the tournament according to their final positioning on the ladder and will form the foundation of the tournament.

Gamers in Beta Qualifier

Next up is the Gamers in Beta (GiB) tournament, where we saw 8 teams paired with some of South Africa's best Call of Duty players. The aim of the program was to try bring inexperienced teams up to the standard of some of the best South African squads. Now they will face their true test as they will be placed, at random, into the 32 team Black Ops 2 Super 8 Showdown. Since there was no GiB program on the PlayStation 4, there will be an additional 8 places up for grabs for PlayStation players for the last element of qualification.

Ladder Qualifier

The last way to try qualify for the remaining slots on the 32 team single elimination Showdown will be via our ladder. The ladder is intended for the teams that do not qualify via the Super 8 or the GiB, but does not exclude them. All teams may enter but those that have qualified will not be selected again from the ladder for the showdown. The ladder will implement some new rule changes as well as a tighter structure to make sure that only the best remaining teams qualify for their shot at glory in the Black Ops 2 Super 8 Showdown Tournament!  

Let's break the qualifier process down again:


Super 8 (Xbox & PS3): These teams have been decided via our Super 8 ladder run earlier this year. These squads will make up the 8 seeded teams in the 32 team Black Ops 2 Showdown event.

Gamers in Beta (Xbox 360): The 8 participating teams in the Gamers in Beta program will form the the unseeded squads for the Black Ops 2 showdown. These teams will be randomly placed into the 32 team bracket in the 32 team Black Ops 2 Super 8 Showdown.

Ladder Qualification (Xbox 360 & PS3): The ladder will fill the last remaining spots of the tournament, which means that there will be 16 teams selected from the Xbox 360 ladder and 24 teams from the PlaySation 3  ladder. Only the top teams will qualify. 

*All teams are allowed to participate on the qualification ladder, however if any one of those teams already qualify for the 32 team Showdown then they will not be considered as a double entry. This means they will retain their position in the Black Ops 2 Super 8 Showdown but will not be considered on the ladder. This will allow for another team placed potentially below the top 16 or 24 to qualify for the final 32 team 

Where to register:

Basic Team Structure

  1. Minimum team size: 4 members
  2. Maximum Team size: 6 members
  3. Teams are required to have 1 captain

*Teams that have disbanded will not qualify for their previously attained position on the Super 8 and the Gamers in Beta.

Important Dates

  • Ladder Registration Period: 30th of July 2013- 9th of August 2013
  • Ladder Qualification Period: 12th August  2013- 26th August 2013
  • Black Ops 2 Showdown: 31st August + 7th September 2013
  • Finalized Ruleset will be up on the 5th of August


PlayStation 3


  • 1st Place: 4 x copies of Call of Duty Ghosts (PS3) + 4 x R1000 Kalahari Vouchers
  • 2nd Place: 4 x R1000 Kalahari Vouchers
  • 3rd Place: 4 x R500 Kalahari Vouchers

Xbox 360


  • 1st Place: 4 x copies of Call of Duty Ghosts (Xbox 360) + 4 x R1000 Kalahari Vouchers
  • 2nd Place: 4 x R1000 Kalahari Vouchers
  • 3rd Place: 4 x R500 Kalahari Vouchers

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