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Skyward Collapse: New Strategic God-Game

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Tiny indie game dev studio Arcen Games, known for their popular genre-stretching strategy and puzzle games AI War: Fleet Command and Tidalis respectively, are on the brink of releasing their second game this year. It's called Skyward Collapse and I've been excited for this game since first reading about it.

Skyward Collapse is technically a turn-based strategic God game, but in typical Arcan fashion the devs have pushed the boundaries of the genre and made something compelling and different. There are factions in Skyward Collapse, but your aim is not to choose one and make sure it wins - it's to achieve perfect balance between them so ensure NONE of them wins; and if that wasn't enough, you have to do it while the factions are at war.


You are The Creator that lords over not just men and creatures, but their gods, too. The populace - gods and all - refuse to obey you. You have to build civilisations, but the world's mythology and inhabitants work against you at every turn to undo your efforts.


The continent that nestles at the tips of your creative fingers is Luminith; a floating continent. You can create, but not control, creatures, gods and artifacts from Greek and Norse mythology. These things that you create allow you to wield immense power - there's one item, Heimdalls' Horn, that causes everyone to drop dead! With this arsenal you must keep both factions alive, and fighting, until The Master calls you home. You must do this in the face of many challenges; bandits, floods, strikes, uprisings.

Sound fun? The game will release on the 23rd of May on Steam, the Arcen Games website, and other distributors. Make sure you're following @SkywardGame on Twitter to keep up with release news, and follow the team on Facebook while you're at it!


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