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TUG: An RPG that you can help build!

I know that it sounds a bit lazy on the part of the developers, but TUG actually sounds like a lot of fun. This game is an "multi-player" open-world sandbox RPG" from developers Nerd Kingdom. It is clearly based on the Minecraft model but where Minecraft becomes all buildy, TUG remains explorey and offers you both plot and intelligent interaction with other characters.

Nerd Kingdom offers players the following:

  • Integrated modding support: we won’t just have support for modding tools hooked in from the beginning -- we’ll be sharing our tools with modders. 
  • Pets and Companions will join you in your travels and help along the way.
  • Entire Civilizations lie hidden for you to uncover... or create new ones to conquer the world! 
  • Day, Night, and Seasonal Cycles with perils and opportunities unique to each. 
  • Exotic Wild Beasts to tame, hunt, breed, or ride! 
  • Logic Engineering, from simple trap triggers to reprogramming your golem! 
  • Dark Mysteries to unearth, and ancient powers to unleash! 
  • DRM-Free. That includes the servers, which we’ll also be sharing with you. 

A game that includes pets is something that I'm all about. These devs also promise that the game will be able to do things like:

Player-Driven Design: The game can identify the kinds of activities everyone enjoys most, and that information will direct developers in creating everything from new weapons and abilities to new worlds and creatures. The more you play, the more you’ll enjoy TUG! 

Total Freedom: We want you to play the game however you like, whether that’s alone, on a private server with your friends, or on a server we host. We won’t limit the type of game you want to play, and we’ll find a way for everyone to enjoy the world we’re building, however and with whoever they want.

I hope that all this hype is something that the completed game will be able to live up to because it sounds absolutely incredible.

Find it here on Kickstarter.

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