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BLOPS2 Autumn Ladders Rules & General Update

The Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Autumn ladders are off to an explosive start, as the first gun shots were fired on the 11th of April.  Since then teams having been moving up and down the rungs in attempts to make those elusive top 8 spots. Today we will be giving you some much needed information regarding the ladders, as well as the ruleset update. Don't worry, these rules are not going to drastically influence the ladder, but are rather more guide lines for all of the participants. 


Ruleset Update and Site Advice

The following updates are for both the Xbox 360 Razer Black Ops 2 ladder & PS3 Mad Catz Ladder

  • No player can play for more than one team on one ladder. That must be on the team they are currently registered with.
  • Players using multiple profiles will be removed from the ladder.
  • Players are advised to never give out their personal login details to anyone. 
  • Reminder to all teams to always acquire proof of arrangements with opposition.
  • All teams that have not played 1 match by the 1st of May will be removed from the ladder.
  • The ticket system is to be used for all issues relating to the site. Members are to report all issues via the ticket system. Please do not use personal numbers of admins or private messaging of admins unless an admin tells you directly to do so. 
  • The shoutbox is not used to contact admins, it is used for player interaction. Please refrain from using profanity in the shoutbox. If your messages offend users or admin you will be contacted by admins and dealt with appropriately.
  • Any team names with profanity in, will be removed from the ladder by the 5th of May.
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The Goals of the ladder system

South Africa has had several issues when it comes to organizing games with one another. One of the main issues was the fact that teams couldn't come together in one designated area to arrange matches and find other teams. This was due to the fact that the community has been separated by several different means of communication. What the ladder is attempting to do, is provide a location where players and teams can find one another in attempts to generate more activity in our community. This activity is also different from general play, as a competitive standard allows for greater development. As more players play according to a standard ruleset so does their knowledge of the game increase, especially in comparison to public gameplay.

Launch of Top 5 Ladder plays 

I am very happy to announce the addition to the ladders where we can now display your talent. Introducing the Top 5 ladder plays of the week. We want your clips to show off all the amazing kills, clutches, and pure awesomeness. How will you do so? Well, we always recommend that players keep their game recording on during their matches. So what you need to do is whenever you do something jaw dropping is to save that footage to your vault, upload it to Youtube and then send us the link. If your gameplay is good enough it will make the top 5 plays, if not then there is always next week. Send your clips to   

Ladder Feedback 

We constantly need feedback from all of our participants to help grow the site and therefor the community. We encourage all of our members to send feedback to our forum here.

That concludes our update for our Black Ops 2 Autumn ladders, are you enjoying the ladders thus far? If so or if not let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter. 

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