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Play to win your own Arcade Machine in the TF2 Soldier 1v1 Competition


Before you tell me that the Team Fortress 2 (TF2) local competitive scene is non-existent and trying to run a ladder is like flogging a dead horse, let me tell you about the prize for the cup.

It’s a freaking massive arcade machine dude.

So, now that we all agree that it’s the best prize ever for a TF2 competition, let’s talk details.

It’s a ladder: Everyone has a chance to win

In a ladder tournament, players are listed as if on the rungs of a ladder. The objective for a player is to reach the highest rung of the ladder. Only one player can occupy any given rung, who another player may challenge.

The tournament proceeds via a system of challenges. Any player can challenge a player above him or her on the ladder. If the lower-placed player wins the match, then the two players swap places on the ladder. If the lower-placed player loses, then he or she may not challenge the same person again without challenging someone else first.

MWEB will be using the ELOrating system, which is a rating based on the players win/loss record, which establishes his or her position (or level) on the game ladder.

Soldiers sign up!

We decided on the Soldier class for our first ladder if the TF2 community shows enough interest we will look at hosting other competition formats. The floor is yours.

The Soldier class is exciting to watch, extremely fun to play and come on, everyone can hit something with a rocket launcher ;)

Testing phase

Before we head into the formal ladder, we need to test the match server, rule set and challenge system. We will therefore allowing a trial period of 2 weeks to work out all the kinks. We need your help, so grab a mate and head on over to

Please make sure you understand all the rules in the next section. Should you pick up any problems, drop us a comment.

Ladder rules

The rule set is not written in stone since this is the testing phase. We welcome any feedback and suggestions from the community.

Challenge Me

It’s simple, you challenge a player that is above you on the ladder, the winner is allocated points while the loser’s points are reduced. Each player has a numerical rating. A higher number indicates a better player, based on results against other rated players. The winner of a contest between two players gains a certain number of points in his or her rating and the losing player loses the same amount. The number of points won or lost in a contest depends on the difference in the ratings of the players, so a player will gain more points by beating a higher-rated player than by beating a lower-rated player.

Maps and the ELO system 

The best news for the ladder is that rocket jump damage will be taken off, so blast away soldier!

The ladder ELO system will be used for all stages of the competition, for more on the ELO system please check here. The player to reach the first 20 frags wins the map. Maps will be given via the match scheduler once both players have confirmed the fixture.  Here is the list of Arena maps that will be played. 

  1. Badlands Spire
  2. Snakewater
  3. Gullywash Middle
  4. Granary Last
  5. Granary Middle

MGE format

The ladder will be played with the MGE format which is a Mod that was made by My Gaming Edge. It is a game mode where players play 1vs1 matches to practice and improve their deathmatch skills. It is essentially a showcase for individual talent.

Banned Items

Sorry folks, only the standard solly loadout will be allowed.

Your admins

  • Overall Bish in Charge for Team Fortress: Lola
  • MWEB GameZone Server Admin: Choc_Salties
  • Team Fortress Server Admins: Likalota & Zoidberg
  • Secretary: DaveyG (harass him with any TF2 queries please)
  • MWEB GameZone Ladder Master: Holden
  • Team Fortress Ladder Chief: Zoidberg (this is the person to contact for ladder suggestions)

Sign Up!

  • Head on over to the MWEB GameZone Tournamant site and register as a user.
  • Sign up for the TF2 1v1 Soldier Beta Ladder.
  • Beta test will last five weeks: 19 April - 24 May 2013
  • Official ladder opens: Saturday, 25 May 2013 (depending on the interest from the community)

In closing

Once we have passed the testing phase, we will release more information on the rules, ladder starting date and competition format. For now MWEB needs to see if the Team Fortress community wants to partake in the ladder. With an arcade machine up for grabs we need to see at least 30 players sign up! Get cracking soldier!

Dat prize people!

Drop us a comment if you are going to take part in the competition! See you server side.

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