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12 amusing videogame memes

Everyone likes being amused; and especially on a Wednesday because it just feels right somehow. I’m here to provide you with said mid-week entertainment in the form of my favourite webcomics and such about videogames.


I don’t think that videogames cause IRL violence, but I find it a little disturbing how much I identify with this chick. What a conundrum. I blame television for making me dead inside.


Now we know what the world thinks of us. The hating Brazilians thing is somewhat puzzling to me (if anyone can tell me what that’s about I’d be most grateful).


This little kitty makes me so happy.


Do it and be amazed.


Press X to grab. That is all.


Isn’t that sweet? :3


Pants are for the weak.


I mean, obviously.


Someone knows what it’s like to be me :’D


I like this because I can hear the exact voice he’s saying that in inside my head.


Wordplay for the win!


Seems reasonable.


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