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4chan's Pokemon Game (not made by /b/ so don't worry)

4chan is making their own Pokemon game and it looks pretty intriguing. One thing already in its favour is that /b/ hasn’t got a hand in the development, meaning that it will be an actual, playable game as opposed to something designed to be outrageously offensive for no reason. /vp/, the Pokemon 4chan board have named their project Fakémon and have clearly put a lot of effort into it.

Control trainers Simon and Sofia as they battle their way through the region of Urobos (inspired by South America) and fight against rival Richardo (also known as “Doucherado” and “Dicks” – the game is from 4chan after all).



The concept art is surprisingly good:





Some of the Fakémon names are quite witty as well. I find the monster named Icetope and its evolution, Chillnobyl quite inspired and pleasing to my brain.

The anons from /vp/ have even created a Wiki for the game which you can see here.

I love those times when the internet throws itself into something with gay abandon for no actual reason except for that they can. Keep an eye on this project, because I think that the results are going to be quite great.

Download a playable demo of the game here.



Source: Kotaku


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