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Got MWEB Premium ADSL? Get your clan website hosted for free

Are you aware of the fact that if you are an MWEB Premium Uncapped account holder, you can get the Uncapped Website Hosting Lite package for free for the first 12 months*, which includes a free domain?

Benefits of having your own Clan Website

  • The website puts your team on the "internet map", so its helps you recruit new members and attract the attention of possible sponsors.
  • It makes it easier to communicate with your team mates using the website as a central location for posting match or tournament fixture details, tips 'n tricks and other useful information.

Coming from a position where I regularly have to look at clan sponsorship applications, I rarely take a team seriously unless they have taken the time to create a clan or team website. The effort you put into your website tells me that you're serious about your team. I doubt I am much different in my views to other potential sponsors out there.

jpg Website_SelfBuild_2.jpg 

Choose your starting design from 750 design templates

Benefits of MWEB's Uncapped Hosting Lite

For a start, those gamers that don't have a clue on how to setup a website shouldn't panic and read past this: The Uncapped Hosting Lite package offers users 750 website design templates with Website SelfBuild and a Control panel which allows you to setup and mange your website with ease.

Other cool benefits include:

  • Uncapped hosting space
  • Free personalized domain
  • Option to purchase additional domains
  • Personalized email address and 4 email aliases
  • MySQL database or Microsoft SQL depending on your platform

jpg Control_panel_1.jpg

Control panel for site management

Sign up on the link to below :

For those that are not on an Uncapped Premium account, the Uncapped Hosting Lite package is only R29 a month. So, its not that expensive to still get the benefits of the package and having your own team or clan website.

You can also try out a demo of the Website SelfBuild to see how easy it is to actually create your own website >

For those of you who are advanced web page builders, there are also options available such as Uncapped Hosting Pro and Ultra, which offer more advanced website building and hosting option, particularly for adding applications like CMS or forums.  These packages start from as little as R49 per month.

* T&Cs apply: Prices include VAT. Acceptable Use Policy apply.

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