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Battlefield 3 Clanbase Nations Cup report: South Africa vs Spain

MWEB GameZone once again caught up with Barry "Anthraxza" Louzada, captain of Team eSports South Africa for the rundown on their third match of the Battlefield 3 Clanbase XVI Nations Cup for PC.

Team eSports South Africa had yet to declare a win for the Cup, with high pings stacked against them, but armed with pure South African stubbornness and tenacity, our team did not disappoint.

BF3 SA vs.jpg 

Give us the rundown on Sunday’s match against Team Spain

The match vs Spain was played on Sunday at 20:00 CET so 21:00 local time. The maps played were Operation Firestorm (OF) and Operation Metro (OM). The obvious first decision was that we wanted to play ‘OF’ on our server being an ‘air map’. Due to both teams wanting to play ‘OF’ on their server the decision was made that we would play one round on their server and one round on our server. A coin was flipped to decide who got to play what side on what server, the flip was won by us and we chose to play the RU side on our server purely for strat purposes.

The first round was a little bit nerving as we now had the opportunity for the first time to show people what we could do in the air on our servers, we didn’t disappoint.

Map 1: Operation Firestorm played on local server, SA won 185/0

The armour squad in the tanks and on the ground did great work in taking both the C and B flags while the chopper and the jet managed to control the skies quite nicely and keep the armour in check as well. The first round was taken 156 – 0 and now confidence was high, it was the first round we had won and we had a lot of confidence going into the next round. Getting ready to move to the Spanish server for the next round, it was decided between the two captains that we would stay on our server for the last round of ‘OF’.

The second round was a little tougher as there was a glitch in the game where if you fired the TV missile there was a glitch where you ended up blowing your own chopper up. We struggled with these 4 times which puts an immense amount of stress on the jet and obviously the armour squads on the ground. The guys showed great composure though and pushed through managing to fight tooth and nail for the win. We ended up winning the last round of ‘OF’ 29 – 0. Spain also showed great mettle by managing to fight us down to the last second and not giving it to us for nothing.

Map 2: Operation Metro played on Spain’s server, SA won 183/0

Moving onto the Spanish server for ‘OM’ we noticed that the pings were not too bad with an average of 210 – 240ms which considering wasn’t too bad for an infantry based map. Spain got to choose the side and they chose US first this worked for us as we prefer to play the RU side. Obviously after a complete win of both rounds, the guys were really up beat and keen to match Spain on an infantry map. Going into the first round we managed to get hold of the B flag where we managed to buckle down for pretty much most of the round defending the flag and preventing any sort of breakthrough.

We won the first round on ‘OM’ 144 -0 which is pretty good considering the ping and I was just so proud of the guys. Second round proved to be a little tougher as the US side tends to be and after multiple attempts were really struggling to break through a really staunch Spanish defence. Great commitment was shown through by the SA team as we managed to break through and take control of the extremely important middle B flag. After a little back and forward skirmishes, SA was on the back foot with 100 tickets to Spain’s 180, but we managed to pin Spain back to the point where they were 52 for our 48 it was at that point that Spain started to leave the server leaving just 2 of their players behind to defend their lead.

We went on to win that round 39 – 0 completing our first clean sweep against any of our competitors in the Nations Cup.

Our standing is now 4th in the group with our next game being Bulgaria on the 3rd of March at 20:00 CET the maps will be Noshar Canals and Grand Bazaar.

I want to thank logiX-pyo the team captain from Germany for all his help and all the assistance he has given us so far! It has been much appreciated.

A few words from Andreas "Cent" Hadjipaschali, owner of Bravado Gaming

When i first spoke to Barry about on how they thought they were going to perform in the BF3 Nations Cup, his reply was, "These teams are P**S good dude' but nowhere did he mention that they weren't going to put in enough time to give them a go, and no one in my opinion should ever under-estimate the under-dogs." Like I said to him, they don't know you, you know them and therefore take that little advantage and use it as best as you can.

We saw the team take down Russia in one map, losing overall in tickets and what followed was an awesome victory against Spain. We grow from strength to strength and its only going to get better from here, so look out for these guys as they might cause some heads to turn later on in the cup ;) - to qualify or not to qualify, it doesn't matter, at least the world knows that South Africa is making a name for themselves, and with reputation will come victory, sooner or later. 

Closing thoughts

The pre-match odds as per Clanbase were 50% for South Africa and 50% for Spain. Team eSports South Africa proved those odds wrong with a final score of 368/0! Together with the rest of South Africa, MWEB GameZone salutes the team for their outstanding sportsmanship and performance. We wish them all the best for the match against Bulgaria.

Remember to tune in to Suupmolk’s live stream for the match on Sunday.

Contact Info: Clanbase | MSSA | Team eSports SA | Suupmolk Live Stream


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