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Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War® II - Retribution

A few nights ago I was browsing the games catalog on STEAM and decided to give "Dawn of War® II - Retribution" a try, so I bought it for a mere $29.99. After a 4.7GB download (luckily I have my 4MB uncapped MWEB ADSL), I was able to load up the game and start playing. I was really quite impressed with the fact that you have a selection of 6 distinct races to play in the campaign, namely the Space Marines, Tryannids, Chaos, Orks, Eldar and the new Imperial Guard.

The game contains 16 playable missions, but this does not however make the replay ability as a different race boring in any way, as each race adds a different kind of strategy to the missions. My first choice naturally was to play as the Orks as they are quite a funny bunch. Relic has really done a great job with the stunning graphics, as well as the great physics and particle effects that were added to the game. They have taken out the sense of just building up a base to wipe out another base, and added a sense of heroes commanding elite squads of combatants in true strategic warfare ... instead of build, send and forget.

Tactical awareness is key in this game, so taking cover, blowing up the environment and tactical retreating plays a large part in survival and victory. Relic has really put a lot of effort into to making each unit and hero true to the Dawn of War® universe. The campaign really focuses heavily on the Role-Playing aspects where you gain experience for the heroes under your command and  tailor their unique and general abilities, as well as equippable wargear customization.  I must say however, that the campaign is comparatively weak as opposed to other Dawn of War® II expansions, but the gameplay is really enjoyable.

The multiplayer aspect is really great, as you can play as any of the six before mentioned races to afflict harm and domination on your enemies. A new co-operative multiplayer mode has been added called "Last Stand" where you team up with other player-hero controlled characters to take on wave after wave of enemies granting experience points and items for future play. This mode kept me busy for quite a few hours and I had such a blast. The gameplay is extremely addictive and will keep you entertained for hours on end, it is much more than just an expansion, it is a standalone expansion that takes us further into the Dawn of War® universe than we have been, so if you are new to the DOW universe, you can jump right in with this title. Ultimate chaos and conflict erupting all over the place, stand and fight ... or run for the hills.

Dawn of War® is undoubtedly one of the best Real-Time-Strategy games of all time and for all the fans out there, Dawn of War® II - Retribution is another welcome addition to the Dawn of War® family.

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