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Gabe Talks About Steambox

In a recent interview with the verge, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell talked about the new Steam Box and what Valve's goals are with it.


Steam Box will primarily be a Linux based system, however it is possible to install Windows. Gabe also said in the interview that Valve will not limit the user from installing different operating systems. The focus for them is to have multiple displays running on one system.

“The Steam Box will also be a server. Any PC can serve multiple monitors, so over time, the next-generation (post-Kepler) you can have one GPU that’s serving up eight simultaneous game calls. So you could have one PC and eight televisions and eight controllers and everybody getting great performance out of it. We’re used to having one monitor, or two monitors -- now we’re saying lets expand that a little bit.”

No mention as to actual hardware that this Steam box will be sporting but in the interview Valve may just give us a sleek, quiet and powerful machine. 

“... [Valve's position is]: let's build a thing that’s quiet and focuses on high performance and quiet and appropriate form factors.”


Since this is a “console” , the controller is in question, Gabe said that they are attempting to change the way controllers are made. Motion controllers had its day, the Wii with Wii Sports seemed to be the peak of what could be done with it. Their interest lay in bio-metrics  which means that your hands will doing a lot more than pressing buttons with minimal input from the player besides thought.

Gabe also talked about how Windows 8 is “a giant sadness”, he then elaborated more on the future of Steam which looks to be heading in the direction of each person with there own steam store.. 

“Right now there’s one Steam store. We think that the store should actually be more like user generated content. So, anybody should be able to create a store, and it should be about extra entertainment value. Our view has always been that we should build tools for customers and tools for partners. An editorial filter is fine, but there should be a bunch of editorial filters. The backend services should be network APIs that anybody can use. On the consumer side, anybody should be able to put up a store that hooks into those services. Our view is that, in the same way users are critical in a multiplayer experience, like the fellow next to you is critical to your enjoyment, we should figure out how we can help users find people that are going to make their game experiences better. Some people will create team stores, some people will create Sony stores, some people will create stores with only games that they think meet their quality bar. Somebody is going to create a store that says "these are the worst games on Steam." So that’s an example of where our thinking is leading us right now.” 

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