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A call to return to the dark ages and the burning of “all the things”

So disturbed kid goes on a shooting spree, automatically the people who claim to know how life works, turn to exterior influences as the culprits. You know, like religious leaders and such people have been doing for eons. In the dark middle ages, witches were burned at the stake. In the 50’s, with the rise of rock ‘n’ roll, records were quickly called out as the root of all evil. In this age of unprecedented advances in science, biology and just about everything, video games are being summoned to the stakes.


An article on Polygon yesterday reported, “A small community about 30 miles from the site of the Newtown massacre is organizing a voluntary video game return program, aimed at collecting violent video games from families and likely burning them.”

Gzuz people? Can someone please explain to me

Why do people want to fix the outside and shy away from looking on the inside where problems originate from? Like, let’s burn all the violent video games, and this act of faith will somehow alter a person’s f**cked up inner world? How can the human race progress and yet regress at the same time? Why when the knife cuts a bit too close to home do people instinctively look for scapegoats instead of turning on the lights? Is it our fear of pain, of facing our inner demons and admitting our failures that make us flee?

Let’s take a closer look at how the good folks of Southington want to eradicate and prevent another teen massacre.

"We're suggesting that for parents who have a child or children who play violent video games, to first of all view the games. We're asking parents to better understand what their child is doing. Have a conversation about next steps. If parents are comfortable (with their child's gaming habits), we're comfortable." This is actually really good advice, open communication as a means to understanding the kids is a great start. I have a problem with the offered solution for when the parents are NOT happy with the video games.

"If parents aren't, he said, then they can head to the local drive-in movie theater on January, 12 to turn in those video games in exchange for a $25 gift voucher intended to be used for other forms of entertainment, like perhaps, a local water park. The gift certificate will be donated by a member of the Greater Southington Chamber of Commerce as a "token of appreciation for their action of responsible citizenship.

"While the return program calls out violent video games, violent movies and music will also be accepted. Game, movies and music turned in will be snapped, placed in a dumpster and later incinerated." according to a press release.

Firstly, you seriously want to suggest a gamer goes playing in a water park? Just no. Secondly, yah, let’s burn all the things and all the troubles will magically disappear within thy holy flames! We will all feel so much safer, divinely blessed and at peace after said burning.

Clean the inside of the cup yoh. Jump like Alice into the rabbit hole. Face the demons, slay the beast’s head. Be brave for ffs, grow a pair. Or, you can dress up the outside, while the inside remains rotten at its core, put on the masks, and try to fool all the people.


Read the full article on Polygon: Connecticut town holdsdrive to collect and destroy violent video games

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