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Top Tuesday: The 5 best reviewed games of 2012


With just two months to go before we close out the year, I thought I would go head and do a 'Best Games of 2012' list. You know those list's are coming and decided I wanted to be first. As you know, being first on the internet is important for some reason.

"But, Zaid', I hear you say, "there's still a lot of awesome games that need to come out. How can you already know what the best games for the year are?" Easy. Metacritic.

The fact is, every 'Best of' or 'Top Ten' list for 2012 list you are going to read before the year is out, will be the combined opinion of the editor of whatever site you're reading it on. I decided that the least biased way to find out which games are the best would be to take the combined opinion of the whole internet.

Yaa, I know it's not very scientific, but whatever. So anyway, these are the five best reviewed games of 2012 and I think the results will surprise you.

5 - Cave Story
Metascore of 93

Now, to be honest, I had never heard of this game until compiling this list and I'm reasonably sure it's not available at retail here in South Africa. You can still play it, though and for free even. Cave Story originally came out in 2004, as an independent freeware game developed over five years by Japanese creator Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya. The game was a smash success and was subsequently ported to the to WiiWare and DSiWare services and an enhanced version, called Cave Story+, was put on Steam in November 2011. The 3DS version came out last month and with a Metascore of 93, it is the fifth best critically regarded game of the year.

You can download the free PC version here.

4 - Punch Quest
Metascore of 93

At number four we have another free game, this time for iOS. The game's website describes it thus: "Punch Quest is an arcade-style fighting game about pummeling hordes of enemies. Simply tap with your left and right thumbs to jab, slam, and uppercut monsters as you run through dungeons full of branching path choices, rare events, and fragile pottery."

Looking at the trailer I would say that is 100% accurate.

3 - Bastion
Metascore of 94

Finally a game that some of us may have heard of. Bastion was independently developed by Supergiant Games and is an isometric role-playing game (RPG). The game is notable for having a dynamic narrator, that provided a supremely epic voiceover as you played that perfectly matched your actions. But aside from that, Bastion was a solid and enthralling RPG that was way, way better than its roots suggested it would be.

Note: Thanks everyone for pointing out that Bastion was originally a 2011 release, but it was re-released on the Mac App Store and Steam earlier in this year which is why Metacritic has it listed as reviewed in 2012. From that perspective it is still one of the top reviewed games of the year.

2 - Mark of the Ninja
Metascore of 94

From the same team that did the excellent sidescrolling brawler, Shank come's Mark of the Ninja. Where Shank was an in your face ultraviolent beat-'em-up, Mark of the Ninja was the complete opposite. Played on a 2D plane, Mark of the Ninja is a full-on stealth game that reward, patience, planning and preparation. The game took it's stealth ambitions very seriously, with all the games design elements built around achieving sneaking perfection.

1 - The World Ends with You: Solo Remix for iPad
Metascore of 95

Surprise! The best reviewed game of the year is for the iPad. Yes, the iPad. The World Ends with You was originally a Nintendo DS action role-playing game made by Square Enix and was pretty successful when it released in 2008. The World Ends with You: Solo Remix for iPad is an enhanced edition with some tweaks to take suit the iPads single screen and sharper display and as such is considered the superior version of the two. It a bit more expensive than what most people expect from iOS games, but by all accounts, the extra dollars are worth it.

I think we can all agree that not was expecting any of these games then you saw the title of this article. But there you have it, not one of the games in the Top Five is what you would call Triple-AAA, and almost all debuted as downloadable only. You can check out Metacritic's entire top scoring games of the year here, but you'll notice that the balance between Triple-A, traditionally developed games and independently developed games is starting to sway. The closest Triple-A game to make it to the Top Five was Mass Effect 3, with a score of 93, with Dishonored not too far behind with 92. Even so, the top games reviewed for the year is a long long list of games that most gamers wouldn't be able to name off the top of their heads.

Something to take note of, methinks.

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