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And everybody was kung fu finger fighting!

Buddha Finger brings kung fu fighting to iOs devices, that’s right, be prepared to push your hand dexterity to its limits. Take down the meanest of foes from the Hong Kong underworld with a dashing display of taps, swirls and slides. On your journey to rescue your brother from the vices of the Man’s gang, you will have to out tap car chases, dash through a disco and challenge the most comical looking enemies you will ever encounter on your iPad.


Meet your foe, Miss Shirona, who was a star in Kabuki theatre, she fled Japan after a regrettable public display of professional jealousy.

Buddha Finger comes from the minds of industry veterans Anna Marsh and Sarah van Rompaey (who’ve worked on numerous console titles including the Anniversary and Underworld installments of Tomb Raider) and graphic artist, Gabriella Pavan. They formed Indie studio, Lady Shotgun last year and Buddha Finger is their debut title. Their inspiration for the game came from the DS hits Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan, and straight-to-video martial arts movies of the 1970’ and 80’s.

The game features a tracking system that displays all your stats; be shamed or thrilled by the record of your overall efficiency, enemies failed and beaten, longest chain of maneuvers and points scored. The stats are displayed after each level, or it can be viewed in an all-time format. Buddha Finger has a comical storyline coupled with colourful artwork and the usual kung fu fighting sounds we’ve come to associate with the genre. With 64 levels to master, the game is sure to provide a thrill for pro finger fighters and noobies alike. For under R10, there is simply no better way to occupy the children on a long trip, or to practice some nifty hand-eye coordination moves. I’m currently at level 15 and I cannot wait to tap my way through to level 64.


Find Buddha Finger here: iTunes | Website | Twitter

If you still don’t want to depart from that R10, take note of these reviews:

App of the Day: Buddha Finger. The one-inch punch by Christian Donlan on

“Buddha Finger is well worth checking out. It's a beat-'em-up of such lo-fi punkish intensity that it probably belongs on the B-side of an old Fierce Panda single, and while it's strikingly straightforward to get to grips with, it's also worryingly compulsive with it. The wayward plot pitches you into an endless series of street brawls, and each brawl, in turn, sees your enemies queuing up for a righteous pummelling. Righteous pummelling, it turns out, is a simple matter of tapping a series of numbered hotspots on the touchscreen in the right order. Pow! Bash! Chop! Who's next?”

Buddha Finger Review on The Indie Mine 4/5

“Buddha Finger has two great things going for it. First, it plays on a genre and archetypes we all know and many of us enjoy. Second, it’s also simplistic, but varied in its controls. The game’s concept is stretched in creative ways in terms of how the player uses the touchscreen to attack.”

And finally, take a look at the Buddha Finger gameplay trailer.

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