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First Impressions MOH: Warfighter, by Lola and Fluttershy

Lola: Why my 1st look at Medal of Honor: Warfighter, single player, will remain just that, a look.

Instead of the feeling of authenticity and understanding of soldiers at war that I was promised by Danger Close Games upon playing Medal of Honor: Warfighter. This is how I feel after my first few hours in the game.


My pre-order somehow got cancelled a week before release date, but lucky for me, Fluttershy (who wants to remain cloaked in mystery) allowed me to test drive one of his/her/its authentic Medal of Honor: Warfighter servers.

Let’s start with the good

My first few moments were mind blowing. :O I don’t know if that’s just because I’m a wimminz and the sounds of war disorientate females, but it was dreadfully exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. The graphics are breath taking, larger than life and it delivers full on. Now add sound effects that make you wanna duck for cover behind your PC desk (okay I did it) to an action packed war zone, and you get me actually having motion sickness. Yip, it was THAT good.

It was also all that was good :S

Onwards to the bad

My first pet peeve is that I always play games on hard mode; at least I try to give it a fair go. If you know me at all, you will know that I simply cannot say no to a good challenge, and by “good” I mean, balls to the walls, make me work for it alltimes, kinda hard. I love to struggle, figure it out and beat the AI. I’m a competitive gamer at heart and if you want to lose my interest then give me an easy game.With Medal of Honor: Warfighter you have to play through medium first before you can unlock hard, which means I won’t ever get to it because I don’t have the time to play it twice, and I also don’t want to, thank you very much.

Secondly, there is nothing new, I can add “Seen all the things” to my first look of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Shoot’em bad people, kick down the doors, then toss a grenade, that’s Warfighter for you, oh wait, you get to do some high speed chases as well. It’s the same type of first-person shooter that we’ve played in other games, with better storylines mind you.

Which brings me to my third objection, the storyline is confusing. You jump from one Tier 1 operative to the next, sometimes between the good and bad sides. Sure, you can keep track of what’s going on, but I got a fractured storyline feel from it. One of the reasons for this is because the individual stories don’t have enough meat on the bones so to speak. You never get the chance to identify or even emphasize with the different characters you play. Character immersion doesn't happen because there are no defining moments where you can say, "This is Preacher." Maybe if I spend a few more hours in Preacher or Stumps boots it will replace this lack of interest I feel towards them. But then again, that won’t fix a bad storyline.

And then there’s the ugly

I’ve covered Medal of Honor: Warfighter from its first press release. The one aspect of the game that Danger Close Games advocated more than anything else was the promise that players will get a real taste of how soldiers experience war. My expectation of the game from my article, "Linkin Park and EA on making MOH:Warfighter more than just a game” was this:

“Soldiers experience loss, not just in terms of death, but in a much more complicated and deeper way. The stain that war leaves on the soul of a soldier can never be erased. We reap the benefits of their sacrifices, while not understanding its cost. MOH: Warfighter aims to give players a glimpse into that side of war, and this, is honorable.”

I am sad to report, that you will certainly NOT get the promised “authentic and honorable" experience. When a game fails to deliver what it promised to at its core, then in my opinion, the game has failed, no matter how well it delivers on other aspects.

The final complaint I have against Medal of Honor: Warfighter. is that the game feels unfinished and buggy. Let me first say, the rant that follows might entirely be my own PC’s fault. The effing game keeps on crashing. I had to replay from the start three times, because not only did the game keep on bombing out, it wiped my entire history as well, all three times! Before you ask, yes I did what any female gamer would do when faced with PC problems, I called my geek of a husband :P. He did the usual troubleshooting, updated my graphics card drivers, read all the articles and tweaked the game, but still it crashed. At least it didn’t wipe the checkpoint saves anymore. Maybe the game needs a day two patch.

Next time promise less, I am dangerously close to never buying another MOH game.Over now to one Fluttershy, who will hopefully have a better report on the multiplayer aspects of the game.

I believe in giving honor where it’s due, so well done Gavin for calling it ;)

Lola’s Twitter | Blog

Fluttershy on Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer. He is mildly pleased.  


Game modes

Multiplayer is divided up into several pre-set modes including Team Deathmatch, Sector control (3-way domination), Hot spot (5-points-on-map sequential Search and Destroy, or DE mode in Counter-strike-speak), Combat mission (basically Rush mode from the BF3 series with 3 objectives) and Home Run (basically CTF done in waves with no respawns till the next round).


Gameplay is focused on players working in groups of two-man fireteams. You and your buddy are capable of re-arming and healing one another, as well as spawning on one another during the game. Although you cannot revive your buddy if he is killed; he’ll have to respawn either on you or at one of the maps’ spawn points. Teams can be either a maximum of 6 a side or 10 aside, for a maximum of either 12 or 20 players per game, depending on game mode. Home run is specifically meant to be played by six aside.


There are six types of weapons, sorted according to what type of soldier uses them:

  • Special Ops -  the usual good roll out
  • Sniper - accurate and powerful, but best used at a distance
  • Assaulter - high powered guns
  • Demolitions - good for close-range combat
  • Heavy Gunner - great at suppressive fire and protecting an assault team
  • Point Man - for players that lead the rest of the team into battle

Choose your nation

Initially when you first start playing multiplayer, you are asked to choose a nation’s special forces to support, which will initially determine your first class unlocks. As you rank up in multiplayer matches, unlocks  will focus on unlocking specific nations classes, ( you may have started playing with a US DEVGRU Assaulter, but will eventually unlock the Polish Grom Assaulter and his standard weapon) rather as in most other games, unlocking  a weapon. Mod upgrades for weapons seem to occur with overall rank (corporal, private first class, etc.) and apply to all nations’ classes rather than any one particular class, such as a new receiver or barrel for all your assaulter classes.

Weapon upgrades are quite in-depth, allowing you to customize everything about your weapon, including sights, stocks, barrels, receiver assembly, magazine style and paint job, with all of these changes altering the weapons performance per nation’s class.

The servers

Multiplayer can be loaded either in-game or via Battlelog. Although it is recommended to launch via in-game as launching via Battlelog can cause some character synchronization errors to occur. Gameplay on servers can be customised to be either “normal” or “immersive” – another way of saying hardcore.Server operators can customize settings as required.

Playing through some games on both Team Deathmatch and Hotspot modes, I can see where the guys over at Danger Close were trying to go – this game is meant as a direct competitor to the Call of Duty Line, albeit with much shinier graphics.

See the list of MWEB GameZone Medal of Honor servers here.

The bells and whistles

Graphically, this game is impressive, as it draws on the technology developed for Battlefield 3 and Need for Speed the Run with the Frostbite 2 Engine. From a mechanics point of view, this game also plays in much the same way as the Call of Duty range and its own  predecessor– get a kill streak, deploy a bonus, such as hand-launched UAV, mortar strike, smoke screen, etc.

The fireteam buddy system is an innovative addition and considering the games’ layout and style of special operations gameplay, this works well. Overall the multiplayer component is good, but I can’t help but feel that this game is trying too hard to be almost just about exactly like the OTHER GAME series out there. This is a great first stab, and while enjoyable, seems to lack the gumption of the Call of Duty series, as well as critical parts that would give this game the longevity in the multiplayer arena that it so desperately craves. Yes, Call of Duty has been done to death, yes it still uses practically the same engine as Call of Duty 2, and yes it’s full of cheaters, finks, griefers and trash-talkers. But it does provide for eSports, both with its in-game recording systems and the ability to add some competitive components such as restricting weapons, adjusting match gameplay, and limited modding ability; both first- and third-party. In the end, the multiplayer, is a bit bland and missing a few critical components to make it a superb multiplayer gaming experience.

Fluttershy’s Twitter

Closing thoughts (Lola)

Should you buy Medal of Honor:Warfighter? In my humble opinion, not unless you are rolling deep in the dough. The single player campaign is round about six hours (according to other reviews), and although it’s stunning to look at, it’s just another shooter. If you want to experience the game with a buddy, then it could be worth it for the multiplayer component. Drop us a comment once you’ve tried the game.

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