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Lola's favourite finds rAge 2012

Three days, thousands of gamers and over 9 000 things to do. rAge 2012 was one of my highlights for this year. My only regret is that I didn't get to play one game (if you've been to the expo, you will know that one does not simply play a game at rAge). Join me for a snapshot of my favourite finds at rAge 2012.


TF2 Cosplay.JPG 

Safarijack on medic with his girlfriend on Pyro and friend on Scout. The Cosplay at rAge was mind-blowing and I am so proud of the South African Cosplay community. The dedication these artists have for their craft is inspiring, rAge would be dull without them, I hope we get to see more Cosplay at all our gaming events.

Cosplay of a different kind...


This lost soul was wandering around outside the dome. Apparently he was getting married, collecting money for his honey and amusing his friends. It's quirky things like this that you can find happening all around rAge that makes this an event that brings people from all interests together. We get to showcase our passion for gaming and the rest of SA gets to jump in on the fun.

Raging at rAge

rAging at rAge.jpg 

Now this was something you had to see to believe. On Saturday the dome was literally packed to the brim. So much so that all the entrances were closed. This meant that people who had bought tickets were denied entry. I walked into this angry mob on my way back to the dome after lunch. They wanted to violate me to get my press pass. I had a chat with Lauren das Neves, rAge organizer, about this unfortunate event. According to her NAG was forced to close the doors for a while because of the safety risk the mass of people were causing inside the dome. Believe me, they had no choice. It was so full inside you could hardly move at one stage. The NAG staff resolved the problem in no time, good for them, cause that mob was starting to look for sticks and stones.

We are gamers



Now that's how you LAN. I've never seen so many gamers LANning it out to their heart's content. They were packed around the dome, some sleeping over for the weekend. I am happy to report that there were no reports of unruly behavior or teenage rebellions breaking out.






I wanted to buy the whole shop :S In Fallout 2 you had the option of collecting all the bobble-heads in the game, I of course did, and since then I've wanted a stand in my house with a private collection of these odd looking characters from my favourite games.

Overclocking success



The guys from BelowZero ( continued their overclocking efforts at the Compitum stand well into Sunday afternoon. After settling on a maximum CPU overclock of 7.058GHz on the i7 3770K CPU – a new SA record -  the focus was shifted to GPU overclocking. Using a pair of PNY Geforce GTX 660Ti GPU’s in SLi and custom made cooling blocks they were able to reach 16947 points on 3DMark 11.  Check out their website for more info on the overclocking feat and final scores.

dat Arcade machine


You remember my fascination with all things arcade? Well, my hubby did try his best to win me the arcade machine at the NAG stand. By closing time on Sunday afternoon he was in third position with a score of over 200 000. If I ever find the person who won this machine of awesome, he or she will pay dearly. You can buy your own arcade machine for just over R5 000. Take up an offering for the Lola, anyone?

Meeting the Bravado team



I finally got to meet my fellow mates in Bravado Gaming. These guys impressed me so much with their sportsmanship, maturity and camaraderie. I am proud to be associated with them. Bravado entered the do Gaming League in four titles, Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 3 and Starcraft II. The boys came first in CoD4, BF3, second and third in SC2 and second in MW3! What a team.

Closing thoughts

rAge 2012.JPG

I think NAG did a stellar job of rAge 2012, it was such a success that they really need to find a place double the size of the Coca Cola dome for the 2013 expo. I want to thank them for their hard work and dedication to grow gaming in South Africa. 

See you next year!

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