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Lola's highlights: rAge day 1

rAge 2012 offers such a plethora of activities that it is simply impossible to cover everything. I picked out a few moments that stood out for me amongst the overload that day 1 offered.

The manifold gem that is Toxic Bunny


I had the tremendous honor of having an exclusive session with Toxic Bunny creator, Travis Bulford. He forms part of the South African Indie studio, Celestial Games, and today we celebrated the release of this enchanting game.

Toxic Bunny HD is a re-release of the 1996 DOS-based action side-scroller, Toxic Bunny. I found the 2012 HD version intriguing, beautifully crafted and extremely challenging. It's one of the few games where the developer tells you outright, "This is not an easy game because we want gamers to be challenged." In fact, when you play the game in hardmode and you ask for a clue, the clue reads, "Go play easy". You simply have to figure it out, or well, go play an easier mode. I so do approve of this!

In a nutshell, this is what you can expect from Toxic Bunny HD

  • The game incorporates elements from different genres, it's not just a simple platform puzzler.
  • Each new platform unlocks its own unique strategy, weapons and accessories.
  • The gameplay incorporates items such a journal, a shop, map, and entirely new games.
  • Easy mode provides a simple step by step guide, this mode is suitable for children.
  • Hard mode is extremely challenging; players will have to solve extremely abstract puzzles and battle significantly more difficult enemies.
  • Normal mode is that place in between.
  • That humour that is a Looney Tune - the game is filled with quirky humor and moments that reflect the era of Looney Tunes.
  • The game is available on PC and Mac.

This is a game that is definitively getting my vote for a must play. Go buy a copy at rAge and head on over to the Toxic Bunny stall to get your copy signed by the creators.You can check out the game on the official website here.

Free Hugs!


rAge is synonymous with Cosplay, freaky looking characters could be seen all over the expo. This guy however, was in a class of his own. I simply had to give him a hug, people were waiting in line to get hugs from this awesome Cosplayer.

Overclocking like a baws


We wouldn't be gamers if we didn't also have a a flavour of geekdom within us as well. My hubby sniffed out this interesting experiment going on.

The guys at Computin had an interesting experiment in overclocking going at their booth. Using liquid nitrogen to cool the Intel’s i7 3770K CPU to a chilly -197 degrees Celcius they kept pushing clock cycles up. At the last visit the CPU was hovering stable at around 6.67GHz which is a tremendous gain on the stock 3.5GHz. The tests were conducted on the ASRock Z77 motherboard which aided in the finetuning required for such a feat. The team were helpful and shared their knowledge and experience in performing such extreme overclocking on CPU’s.

Come Sunday there will either be an explosion at this booth, or one very overclocked CPU.

It's time to explore


Pippa Tshabalala took this amazing shot of the expo floor - this is what awaits you when you visit rAge 2012. The quality of the expo is the accumulation of 10 years of work by the NAG staff.We thank them for their dedication and commitment to grow gaming in South Africa. The variety of what one can explore, the magnitude of the LAN and the thrill of the do Gaming League and NAG LAN competition, all speak of a gaming community that is thriving. We may be a little behind the rest the world, but we are definitively catching up.


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